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Author Of The Month: Huda Al-Marashi

Huda Al-Marashi will discuss her book, "First Comes Marriage," at San Diego Central Library on Feb. 2.

"First Comes Marriage" is a memoir the Washington Post called "a charming, funny, heartbreaking memoir of faith, family and the journey to love." Her other writing has also appeared in the Washington Post, the LA Times, al Jazeera, VIDA Review, Refinery 29, the Rumpus, the Offing and elsewhere.

"First Comes Marriage" is an Iraqi-American memoir about immigration, marriage and love. When Huda meets Hadi, the boy she will ultimately marry, she is six years old. Both are the American-born children of Iraqi immigrants who grew up on opposite ends of California. Hadi considers Huda his childhood sweetheart, the first and only girl he's ever loved, but Huda wants to be successful by both culture's relationship standards -- to honor her religious traditions while also experiencing the kind of love story that would prove to her American friends her marriage was not arranged.

"First Comes Marriage" is Huda's journey to reconcile her culture's pragmatic ideas on marriage with Western notions of love and romance. And, with it's tender and heartwarming portrayal of an Arab, Muslim family, it debunks stereotypes while challenging our ideas of what it means to fall in love.

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