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A.J. Croce

A.J. Croce has wisdom beyond his years. With his music, he represents his generation with a profound sense of honesty in his lyrics and quality in his delivery. The future of entertainment is safe in his hands.” – Willie Nelson

San Diego local A.J. Croce is a piano man, first and foremost, and a vocal stylist in the second, the opposite of his father Jim Croce.

His muted growl pulls from a host of American traditions and anti-heroes, it’s part New Orleans, part juke joint, part soul, but somehow evokes New York.

A.J. Croce’s nine albums have charted 17 Top 20 singles on the radio including on Top 40, Americana, Independent, Blues, and Jazz.

A virtuoso piano player, he has performed on major talk shows and news programs including "The Late Show," "The Tonight Show," "The Today Show," CNN, MTV, and VH1.

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Photo of A.J. Croce. Courtesy of Sebastian Smith.

Above: Photo of A.J. Croce. Courtesy of Sebastian Smith.


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