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San Diego Filipino Cinema 'Sine Kwento Lokal Shorts'


  • WHEN Multiple dates from Nov 20 - Nov 22, 2020[days & times]
  • WHERE Virtual
  • AGES All ages
  • COST Free - $10

Watch, support, and celebrate 15 short films made by our very own emerging Filipino American filmmakers here in San Diego! "Lokal Shorts" is part of "Sine Kwento: Filipino Stories in Film," a month-long art exhibit and online film screenings in November hosted by the Bonita Museum and Cultural Center in collaboration with San Diego Filipino Cinema.

Lokal Shorts Schedule:
November 20 at 6 p.m. PST: Meet the Filmmakers Mixer. Meet and greet with Lokal Shorts filmmaker participants, find future collaborators in your next film project, or meet new friends and fellow film enthusiasts in this fun virtual mixer.

November 21 - 22: Watch all the films online within this time period.

All ticket holders will receive a Zoom link to the Meet the Filmmakers Mixer and a separate link to watch the films this Friday, about 10 minutes prior to the start of the event. Watch out for emails from Eventbrite for your confirmation and for the links!

Lokal Shorts Film Lineup
"ETA" by Justin Ricafort, 5 min 14 sec
Ronnie, a middle aged Filipino father, moonlights as a nightly rideshare driver. What begins as a regular night leads to the most awkward of passengers: his college aged son and his drunk friend. As the ride progresses, Ronnie and Josh’s baggage takes the wheel of the night, leading to a battle of expectations and adult responsibilities.

"Check Your Own Privilege" by Trixi Agiao, 1 min, 5 sec
"Check Your Own Privilege" utilizes dance, spoken word and parody to highlight the privilege the main character has as a Filipino woman. The film sets the tone with the colors of the American flag as on and next to our brown starlet. What starts off as whimsical and dreamy devolves into a stark acknowledgement of the racial injustice still happening in America.

"Intermission" by Amiahlina Figueroa, 15 min
In an apartment building in downtown San Diego, a Chinese couple, a Japanese mom, and a Mexican security guard share where they’re from and their experience coming from another country. The building is their intermission to life.

"Happy Here" by Marissa Roxas, 3 min
About a month into a mandated lockdown, a young woman desperately searches for happiness in the confines of her own home. As days go by, her search wanes until she makes an invaluable discovery...

"A Piece of My Soul" by Seth Dacio, 2 min, 20 sec
Insight of the deeper meaning of an artist and his work.

"Uhaw" by Edrian Pangilinan, 4 min
UHAW: The Boy Who Was Desperate For Love is a short film about a guy who absolutely feels so much, so much of one thing and everything all at the same time - basically, he's an empath. In this singular moment, we are able to witness the character process and relieve his moment of remembering the last time he felt the "butterflies" while coming to terms with the current pandemic.

"Babygirl" by Luke Lace, 9 min
When a young Filipina girl is jumped and beaten for her mental health, Babygirl (Jenae Galang)wanders throughout the rest of her school day as she comes to grips with seeking revenge. Encountering advice from a medley of muses, she must decide which path is the best for her, on her very own birthday.

"Expectations" by Brodie Shapiro, 5 min and 35 sec
In this film, I sit down with my cousins and discuss some of the things we uniquely go through as Filipino American youths. Some topics discussed were things like school, our family, our future, and the anxiety and stress that come from those things.

"Whitewashed" by Isabel Adamos, 1 min, 44 sec
Through childhood into adolescence, brown Filipino girls have been force-fed the concept that white is beautiful. Whitewashed follows the plights brown Filipino girls encounter in their journey of self-exploration and unlearning the constrictions of conformity.

"Kain Na (Let's Eat)" by Leah Lombos, 15 min
Christine Santos grows apart from her family as she gets older. But after devastating news is revealed about her mother's health, she finds a way to rekindle their bond with their mutual love for food.

"LEI E' BELLA" by Edrian Pangilinan, 5 min
"Lei E' Bella" is an experimental dance film that uses both a physical medium of a green screen and an improvisational score that really allows for play, vulnerability while inviting moments of pleasure and letting everything sequentially fall into place.

"Cir. MMXX: Allegory of the Cave" by Mark de Leon, 3 min, 9 sec
Cir. MMXX (Circa 2020) A five-part series centers around the experience of living in 2020 encapsulated in short vignettes that express a specific point of view.

"American Quartet" by Jesca Prudencio, 9 min
"American Quartet" is a short film set in the near future, in which the newest device is a telepathic diary. The diary, owned by everyone, records only each individual's emotions and memories for the purpose of retrieving and re¬-experiencing them. It centers on Noreen, a young home health aide starting to make a home for herself in a small American town, only to find that there are people who don't want to share their town with her. Andrew, a young man who lost his father in a war in the Middle East, does his utmost to make sure Noreen knows she’s unwelcome. And the majority of citizens, shepherded by longtime city councilwoman Sonia, are more interested in minimizing strife than in facing the underlying issues that plague their town. But with the help of Antonia, a newly-elected and justice-hungry city councilwoman, Noreen might have a chance at creating a place she can call home.
Antonín Dvorák's beautiful “American Quartet” drives the film and allows the characters to tell their stories entirely without dialogue.

"Entropy" by Angelica Castillo, 3 min, 21 sec
As a teenager, feeling lost starts to become the norm that we all face. We’ll all find our way at the end, but it’s the process on how we get there that really matters. “Entropy” highlights the struggles a perfectionist in a world bound for imperfections faces.

"Plaza Blvd" by Cassandra Pimentel, 11 min
For many Filipinos, 'home' is a far-off country on the other side of the Pacific Ocean. For many Filipino Americans in San Diego, however, 'home' is a street. With its aroma of freshly baked pan de sal and cheerful sounds of Tagalog filling the air, Jocelyn, Nolan and Lola will show that Plaza Blvd is where Filipinos come together.

Dates and times of events are subject to change without notice. Always check the event organizer's website for the most updated schedule before attending. Check local COVID-19 restrictions and updates.

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