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Filmed Plays Online: Necessary Sacrifices At North Coast Repertory Theatre Streaming On Demand

North Coast Rep's award-winning theatre located in Solana Beach, CA is doing innovative theatre during this time by being the first theatre in the US to film a live stage performance for streaming. Filmed on our stage with set, costumes, lights, cameras and adhering to all mandated safety and testing procedures under the SAG New Media contract. Our new program Filmed Plays Online begins with "Necessary Sacrifices" directed by Peter Ellenstein. Now extended by popular demand. The play is based on two meetings between Abraham Lincoln and Frederick Douglass. This West Coast premiere by North Coast Repertory Theatre puts audiences squarely in the room with these two great leaders as they struggle with issues of war, peace, politics, and moral courage. With its strong echoes of today’s political landscape, this riveting drama will captivate history buffs and theatre-lovers alike.

Peter Ellenstein directed actors Ray Chambers and Hawthorne James on North Coast Rep’s mainstage, Audiences will see a full theatrical production with sets by Scenic Designer Marty Burnett and costumes by Elisa Benzoni and Hair/Wigs by Peter Herman. Music by Michael Silversher. Cinematographer/editor Aaron Rumley filmed the show during tech and final rehearsals.

"Necessary Sacrifices" will stream on showtix4U. Tickets are $35 and family/Group $54 and can be purchased at

Dates and times of events are subject to change without notice. Always check the event organizer's website for the most updated schedule before attending. Check local COVID-19 restrictions and updates.

Promotional graphic for "Necessary Sacrifices." Courtesy ...

Above: Promotional graphic for "Necessary Sacrifices." Courtesy of North Coast Rep. Theatre.


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