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Hang Ten Hoppers

Come and learn some great routines and add more to your social dancing repertoire ...

Feel the best you can about your dancing - make it special, unique and important. Classes with Swing Dancing San Diego make you stand out from the crowd and the Hang Ten Hopper sessions are at a completely different pace. If you like a challenge and to push yourself, then Tuesday nights are for you! The H10H group often uses these routines on gigs. Get ready to perform with them at the next gig or just show up to increase your knowledge of Lindy Hop and Jazz.

Event Schedule:
- Solo Jazz: 7 p.m.
- Partner Routine Class: 8 p.m.
- Performance Training: 9 p.m.

- Drop In (Any Class): $15
- 4-Week Session: $50
- 2 Classes for 1 Month: $90 (4-week session)
- Class for 1 Month: $40 (3-week session)
- 2 Classes for 1 Month: $70 (3-week session)

About the H10H Crew:
The Hang Ten Hopper troupe was formed in July 2012 with a focus on keeping the history and spirit of Lindy Hop alive and well. Since then, we have become the go-to group for Swing dance performances, routines and showcases in San Diego and surrounding areas. We have performed at many corporate events, the USS Midway, SD Jazz Fest and many more. Dancers in the team have been paid over $40,000 from gigs! Many of which utilizing the classic routines that have stood the test of time for Lindy Hoppers.

Dates and times of events are subject to change without notice. Always check the event organizer's website for the most updated schedule before attending.

SPONSORSHIP | Become a sponsor today!