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Events Submission Guidelines

KPBS is committed to keeping our community and general public informed around the public health concerns associated with the coronavirus (COVID-19).


Thank you for your interest in the KPBS Community Events Calendar. These guidelines will help ensure successful inclusion of your event in our calendar.

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We are experiencing a very high volume of events. Please be patient with us!

Tips for Submitting Events

Help ensure that your event gets published

  1. Use the online event submission form.

    You'll need a account to submit events. If you're not logged in already, you'll be prompted to log in or create an account when you click on the "Submit an event" button on this page.

    Demand for our events calendar is too high for our editor to manually enter press releases or other event submissions. Priority is given to the events that come in through our online form.

  2. Submit your listing one to two weeks (or more) before your event.

  3. Proofread your submission.

    Event listings that need significant work on grammar, spelling, punctuation, etc. will not be considered for publication.

  4. Make sure your event is local and intended for a broad public audience.

    If it’s not happening in the greater San Diego region, it’s not going in our calendar.

  5. Do not submit events that are overtly commercial.

    If your event is a sales pitch, there’s a very good chance it won’t make it in the calendar. We also do not include online webinars and trainings intended for a targeted professional audience.

Thanks so much for following these guidelines, and for taking the time to share your events with our community.

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Frequently Asked Questions


I submitted my event. What happens next?

Our staff will review and edit your submission. If it's appropriate for our events calendar, it'll go live on the site, probably within 2-4 business days. You'll receive an email notification if you checked the "Receive an email when this event is approved by the editors" box on the submission form.

Why wasn't my event selected?

More often than not, events that receive a "rejection" email have been turned down because they were already included in the calendar. We have many sources for our events calendar, so it's possible we already had your event in our system. Please search the calendar for your event before contacting our editor with further questions.

Please be aware as well that, due to the high volume of event submissions that we receive, we need 2-4 business days to review, edit, and post events to our calendar. It is possible, if you have not received an email confirmation about your event being accepted or denied, that it is still in the queue. Please give us four business days before contacting us to ask about your event. Your patience is appreciated.

How can I submit a photo?

If a good quality photo is available online, you may use our contact form to send us a link to the photo. Please note that by sending us a photo or a link to a photo, you are indicating that you have the rights to distribute and publish the photo.

I submitted my event to your online calendar. Does that mean it will also be featured on the news or read on the air?

Submissions to the calendar are not forwarded to show producers and reporters. Please pitch your story idea directly to the newsroom via this contact form. You may also contact our Corporate Sponsorship department if you are interested in underwriting broadcast promotions for your event.

I hear events being announced on KPBS Radio all the time. Are those coming from this online Events Calendar?

The online Events Calendar is not associated with our broadcast announcements. Some of the events you hear about on the air come from our corporate sponsors. Others arise out of our partnerships with various community organizations such as local film festivals. We do not air PSAs on KPBS Radio or KPBS TV.

How do I submit a correction?

Find your event in our calendar, and click on the "Submit a correction" link at the bottom.