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Governor: Progress On Delta Coming Next Year

California Governor Jerry Brown is promising action in the coming year on finding a way to store and move water through the California Delta.

A state panel is examining ideas like a peripheral canal or an underground tunnel. The panel is expected to release an environmental report in June.

The governor said under California law he's not allowed to say which proposal he supports until the report is released.


"In addition, I haven't really read the damn thing. And so I don't have a bias because I don't know what the hell it is," joked Brown. "But we're gonna do something. And it will cost money and it will be controversial. But like other things, we're gonna get a lot of things done next year."

The governor's comments Thursday came at his climate conference in San Francisco.

Twenty-five million Californians - including much of the state's agriculture industry - rely on the Delta for their water.

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