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You Decide: City of San Diego's 2018 Budget

San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer has proposed a $3.57 billion budget for fiscal 2018, which begins July 1. If you were in charge, how would you spend the money? Play the KPBS Budget Game. For each item you add, you need to make a cut elsewhere to keep it balanced! Click on the budget items below to make your version of the budget. The items in the Budget Game are similar to some of the tough decisions the city has to make when creating a balanced budget. However, this game is simply meant to be a hypothetical reflection of that process.

When you're done, create a snapshot of your budget by clicking the 'save' button and then share it on Facebook and Twitter. Tweet your results with the hashtag #mySDbudget or post them on the KPBS Facebook page. If you want to make another budget after you've saved your first one, click the "reset" button.

Want to tell the mayor or City Council member who represents your area what your budget priorities are? Contact the mayor here. Find your council member here.

This app currently works best on Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox or Internet Explorer 9+.