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KPBS Drought Tracker

Data Sources: Rainfall numbers are a weighted average from 96 weather stations throughout the state. Snowpack numbers represent the average of three different measures from the northern, central and southern Sierras. Scripps Institution of Oceanography researchers helped compile the data.


KPBS Drought Tracker Finds Drier Than Normal Conditions

San Diego has quietly slipped back into a moderate drought condition and this week’s rain isn’t significant enough to end that.

El Niño Slightly Improved The Drought But Didn't Bust It

Here's what we've learned from the KPBS Drought Tracker

For the past few months, we've used the KPBS Drought Tracker to tell you how much rain and snow El Niño has been bringing to California. After a fairly average wet season, where does California's drought stand now?

KPBS Drought Tracker Update: Some Water Sources Rebounding

So ... has El Niño put a dent in the drought? Not exactly, according to the KPBS Drought Tracker. But some key water sources in the state have rebounded.

KPBS Drought Tracker Update: Falling Short Of A Drought-Busting Year

California's seasonal rain and snow levels have grown over the past week — but not by much.

KPBS Drought Tracker Update: Warm Winter Stalls Snowpack Growth

The latest numbers from the KPBS Drought Tracker show statewide rain and snowfall not budging over the past week.

KPBS Drought Tracker Update: Dry In San Diego, Stormy Up North

After an early burst of El Niño-driven storms, San Diego has stayed pretty dry. But recent storms in Northern California have kept rain and snow levels climbing steadily.

KPBS Drought Tracker Update: El Niño Storms Into San Diego

But, the latest update from the KPBS Drought Tracker shows the rest of California is still on track for a relatively average wet season.

KPBS Drought Tracker Update: 'At Least It's Been Normal'

In San Diego, the holidays have been chilly and spotted with rain. But the KPBS Drought Tracker shows precipitation throughout California has been just middling so far this wet season.

KPBS Drought Tracker Update: Stay Tuned For El Niño Rain

Don't let a smattering of weekend showers fool you — California has so far not been getting unusually high levels of precipitation.

KPBS Drought Tracker Update: 'A Normal Year So Far'

Rain and snow hit San Diego County this week, but precipitation levels have remained fairly average across the state despite El Niño predictions.

Here's A Tool To Track California's Drought

Is this year's El Niño going to be a real drought-buster for California? Over the next few months, KPBS will be tracking rain and snow throughout the state to find out.