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Envision San Diego

Envision San Diego explores issues that affect those living and working in San Diego County. The Envision team sheds light on local concerns through extensive research and personal storytelling. You learn what's happening and why it’s happening. But we won't tell you what to think; we'll give you the facts and analysis that help you make informed choices. Envision San Diego is a multi-platform project, so you'll hear us on KPBS Radio, see us on and on KPBS Television.

Allegations Of Unwanted Sexual Advances Plague Mayor's Office

Political Watchers Say The Silence Of Insiders Enabled Filner

Most San Diegans can’t decide what they find more jolting about the sexual harassment scandal surrounding Mayor Bob Filner: the unsavory allegations; or the silence of those who knew.

Woman Says Filner Grabbed, Kissed Her During Meeting

She says in an affidavit that the incident took place during the mayor's regular meetings with members of the public.

Four More Women Accuse Filner Of Unwanted Advances

Four prominent San Diego women came forth today accusing Mayor Bob Filner of unwanted sexual advances.

Third Woman Comes Forward In Filner Harassment Scandal

A third woman goes public with allegations of sexual harassment against San Diego Mayor Bob Filner in an exclusive interview with KPBS.

8th Woman Accuses Filner Of Unwanted Sexual Advances

San Diego City College administrator Lisa Curtin said San Diego Mayor Bob Filner cornered her in private after a meeting in 2011 and tried to kiss her.

Ex-Fiancee Urges Filner To Submit Resignation

Bronwyn Ingram says Filner arranged dates with other women in her presence and yelled at her on recent Paris trip.

Mello Roos

Do You Pay Extra Property Taxes? Mello-Roos: Who's Paying What (Video)

One in 10 San Diego property owners pays an extra property tax ranging between $35 and $8,700 a year. Find out if you're one of them.

Poway School District Admits Mistakes In Some Mello-Roos Tax Bills

Homeowners who pay Mello-Roos taxes might want to double-check their bills as more mistakes discovered in tax calculations.

Mello-Roos Law Allows Vote Of One To Decide On New Taxes

inewsource breaks down the Mello-Ross tax law and explains how one person, sometimes a developer, can be the sole voter deciding on new taxes.

Another Homeowner Overcharged Mello-Roos Taxes — This Time In Poway School District

Another Mello-Roos mistake in a second tax district raises red flag about the integrity of the special tax system.

Councilman Wants Independent Audit Of Del Sur Taxes (VIDEO)

An inewsource investigation into Mello-Roos taxes has prompted Councilman Mark Kersey to call for an independent audit into the tax bills of 344 of his constituents.

Homeowners Overcharged Thousands In Special Property Taxes

An inewsource investigation has prompted the city of San Diego to review property tax bills for hundreds of homeowners.

End Of Life Care

When Does End Of Life Begin: Hospice Under Scrutiny

With a growing number of people choosing to die at home, the federal government is questioning who's in hospice and for how long.

Feds Among Long List Of Creditors In San Diego Hospice Bankruptcy Case

The feds aren't likely to see much of their $112 million claim against San Diego Hospice.

Choosing Life Or A Better Death: Hospice Under Scrutiny

Dying patients are faced with a difficult choice: a comfortable death or expensive medical treatment that might make them feel better and live a little longer.

Adam And Krystyna: Hospice Under Scrutiny

San Diego Hospice kept Krystyna Saling in care for six years, and then discharged her in November. She has end stage Alzheimer's.

Serious Questions About Hospice Patient Care

This is the first indication patient care was an issue for the beleaguered San Diego Hospice, not just money.

San Diego Hospice Cared for Hundreds Of Ineligible Patients

A chief executive with San Diego Hospice testified in bankruptcy proceedings this week, the organization discharged as many as half its patients because they were not eligible for care.

San Diego Hospice Lacks Money To Care For Patients

The care of 401 patients could be in jeopardy if the organization does not get an immediate loan of $2 million.

'It Was A Beautiful Ending To A Beautiful Life'

A sad update on a story about a San Diego man profiled in our end of life series. LC Sallis, 89, died Sunday evening with his wife Betty by his side.

Medicare Audit Forces San Diego Hospice To Close

The largest hospice provider in California, San Diego Hospice, announced it will cease operations in the midst of a lengthy federal audit.

Sharp Hospice Officials Talk About Challenges

The leaders of Sharp Hospice talk about why more people are choosing hospice care and the challenges that growth creates.

The Trouble At San Onofre

San Onofre Shutdown, One Year Later

Today marks one year since the San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station was shut down. KPBS News takes a look back at the investigations and hearings and a look forward at what's next for the troubled power plant.

Feds Release Confidential Report On San Onofre Nuclear Plant

Federal regulators have released parts of a once-confidential report at the center of a dispute between California Sen. Barbara Boxer and the company that runs the troubled San Onofre nuclear power plant.

Feds Conduct Inspection After Employee Complaints

The inspection is routine, but the check at San Onofre comes several months after an employee alerted the plant's majority owner that others had fallen being on cyber security training.

Judge Orders Edison To Show San Onofre Cost Is Reasonable

Southern California Edison has until March 15 to file papers showing the nearly $700 million cost of the troubled steam generators at San Onofre nuclear plant is reasonable.

San Diego Union Members Attend San Onofre Hearing For Costco Gift Cards

Union members told federal regulators they thought the plant is safe to operate again.

What Edison Knew Before Replacing Generators

Congressman Markey adds details about the Mitsubishi Report revealing what Edison knew about problems, even before faulty steam generators were installed at San Onofre nuclear power plant

Congressman Vargas Joins Call For Public Evidentiary Hearing To Restart San Onofre

San Diego Congressman Juan Vargas weighed in on the one-year anniversary of the plant's shutdown due to equipment problems.

Customer Advocates Accuse Regulators Of Capitulation In San Onofre Probe

Groups say California Public Utilities Commission is pulling a fast one on ratepayers by narrowing scope of investigation.

Nuclear Fuel To Be Stored At San Onofre

Edison has nearly $3 billion in a decommissioning fund. About two dozen nuclear U.S. nuclear plants have already been decommissioned.

The Underground Cab Permit Market

Shadow Market For Taxi Permits Lucrative For Some, Hardship For Others

Many say the underground permit sales for up to six figures each are driving up passenger fares and forcing drivers to work perilously long hours for barely-livable wages.

Cab Company Owners Fear San Diego Might Stop Underground Market For Taxi Permits

Owners accuse taxi workers' group of trying to "grab taxi medallions" for free by influencing city officials. Accusations come amid Mayor Bob Filner's push to have oversight of industry transferred back to the city.

Reporting On Public Safety And Health

Preparing For Wildfires With Fire-Safe Home Construction And Retrofits

Having a home in the path of a wildfire doesn't necessarily mean that your home will burn. Fire scientists say increasing ignition resistance of houses based on non-flammable roofs and cleaning up around your home can make a huge difference.

Pool Safety Tips: Report Finds Most Child Drownings Occur In Backyard Pools

Summer is all about family, friends, barbecues and pool parties. But that fun sometimes turns tragic when a child is involved in a drowning. A new report finds most child drownings occur in backyards.

Clearing The Air About Marijuana Use Among San Diego Teens

A forum tonight will address the impacts of chronic marijuana use among San Diego County youth. We take a look at how many teens are using marijuana, at what age and what effects it can have on academics.

New Research Links Sleep Drugs To Improved Memory

Sleep researcher Sara Mednick talks about how losing just one hour at Daylight Saving Time can have a big impact and her discovery on how sleep aids affect memory.

Program Aimed To Curb Hospital Readmissions Expands

San Diego will be expanding a new program this month aimed to tackle the problem of readmitting patients after they've been discharged from a hospital.

Investigation: U-T's Political Ad Rates

U-T San Diego Political Ads Don't Add Up

An inewsource and KPBS investigation found the U-T San Diego appears to have offered discounts to favored candidates and causes in last November’s election.

State Watchdog Agency Looks Into U-T's Ad Rates

The inquiry comes after an analysis of political ads, which appeared last fall in U-T San Diego, is done by the inewsource/KPBS Investigations desk.

Investigation: Whooping Cough Vaccine

Why Whooping Cough Is Becoming Resistant To Vaccine

A report published in the New England Journal of Medicine shows cases of whooping cough in the U.S. may be resistant to the vaccine.

Homeless Families In San Diego

Homeless Babies And Toddlers Endure Tough, Long Days On San Diego Streets

The San Diego Rescue Mission is pushing for a preschool to help keep kids safe

A growing number of young homeless children are spending their nights in a San Diego emergency shelter and their days on the streets. This is the first of a two-part series.

Homeless Families Crowd San Diego Shelters

A day in the life of one San Diego family's journey through homelessness

A growing number of San Diego homeless families are waiting to get into long-term shelters. During the wait, many families, like the Riddles, stay at the Rescue Mission's emergency shelter.

Reporting On: Education

UC San Diego Opens Center Devoted To Studying Imagination

UC San Diego has created an innovative academic program called the Arthur C. Clarke Center for Human Imagination.

San Diego Schools Honored For Pledge To Technology In The Classroom

Technology is changing fast and schools are doing their best to keep up. We take a look at what's going on in San Diego's schools to help advance learning with the use of technology.

Keeping An Informed Constituency

Hotly-Contested District 4 Election Less Than A Week Away

Next week voters in San Diego's southeastern neighborhoods will pick a new city council member and there's a lot at stake.

Gonzalez, Castaneda Ramp Up Campaigns

One week before the May 21 special election, candidates for California's 80th Assembly District race to connect with voters.

How Will Gov. Brown's Education Funding Plan Impact San Diego?

The plan would give more funding to school districts with a high rate of non-native English speakers, but critics say it could cause unintended consequences.

Ex-Political Watchdog Chief Seeks California Fundraising Reform

Current rules allow special interests to write checks to lawmakers minutes before key votes.

Women Take Prominent Role In Gun Debate

The debate over what to do to prevent gun violence in the U.S. is splitting the nation, and women are weighing in as strongly as men.

Report Cites Rising Pension Costs Amid Judge's Prop B Rejection

Pension costs in San Diego County are on the rise. That's according to a new report, which comes after an administrative judge's decision that the city of San Diego's attempt to bring its pension expenses down is illegal.

San Diego Republicans, Democrats React To Obama's State Of The Union

President Obama addressed the war in Afghanistan, immigration, the budget and gun control in his State of the Union speech Tuesday night. We hear from San Diego's Democratic and Republican parties for their take on his speech and how it affects San Diego.

Mayor Filner Answers Our Questions, And Yours

San Diego Mayor Bob Filner answers questions from listeners in what he says will be a monthly appearance on KPBS.

Goldsmith Doesn't Want Office Lawyers To Go To Mayor Filner's Office Alone

Public squabbles at San Diego city hall are nothing new. But insiders say bickering between Mayor Bob Filner and City Attorney Jan Goldsmith’s office have degenerated into heated confrontations and outright yelling and screaming behind the scenes. So much so that Goldsmith won’t allow his staff lawyers to go the mayor’s office without a "witness."

Watchdog Reports

Cyber Security Expert Talks Hacking Affects

As news breaks that American weapons systems were compromised by hackers - we take a look at personal and national vulnerabilities with cyber security expert Jim Stickley.

City Sues State Regulators Over Water Discharge

The city the California Regional Water Quality Control Board of abusing its discretion. The board says it's confident in how it has regulated the cleanup.

Junior Seau's Death Keeps Spotlight On Brain Injuries

The death of Junior Seau, a year ago, put a spotlight on brain injury and added momentum to a lawsuit against the NFL.

NSA Surveillance Triggered 2010 Terror Case Against San Diego Men

The case against four San Diego men convicted earlier this year of conspiring to send money to the Somali terrorist group al-Shabab was triggered by the National Security Agency's controversial surveillance program.

Political Watchdog Found No Violation Of Campaign Law By U-T San Diego

The Fair Political Practices Commission told KPBS there was insufficient evidence to open an investigation into U-T San Diego political ads.

County Grand Jury Suggests City Monitor Groundwater Contamination

Grand jury's report is the product of an inquiry into the effects of numerous oil spills from the Mission Valley Terminal just north of Qualcomm Stadium.

Group Aims To Curb Sex Trafficking In San Diego

Project Concern International, a San Diego-based humanitarian organization, launches a new study on sex trafficking and seeks prevention efforts.

Reporting On: The Economy

San Diego Cancer Research At Risk As Sequestration Looms

Sequestration: It's not just about possible military cuts that could affect the San Diego region. San Diego is a hub for health science research, including cancer research. Spending cuts could affect grants used in this work and slow it down if the funds aren't available.

Has The Job Market Rebounded For San Diego's 2013 College Grads?

As the 2013 college grads get ready to grab their diplomas, many will also be hitting the streets in search of that perfect job. What does the job market hold for new grads in light of the economic downturn of the past few years? We take a look.

U-T San Diego Circulation Increases 9 Percent

The paper's rise in readership follows its purchase of the North County Times last fall.

Spring Home Buying Season Underway In San Diego

Springtime is traditionally when the real estate market begins to blossom in San Diego and there are lots of good signs for the market this year.

Former Freddie Mac Economist: Housing Finance Model Found Outside U.S.

What to do about Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac? That's the focus of housing finance reform.

San Diego Charity Turns The Catch Of The Day Over To City's Needy

A local sports fisherman has found a way to help feed San Diego's hungry. Fish. Food. Feel Good. collects donated fish from sports fishermen and distributes them to local charities that feed the area's seniors, poor and homeless.

Reporting On: Environment

Survey Shows Majority Of Experts Agree Humans Are Cause Of Climate Change

Public opinion on climate change may still be divided but a new survey finds climate experts agree on the cause. They point to humans as the problem behind global warming. That validates research done nearly a decade ago by a University of California, San Diego professor who says the science has always backed up the effects of climate change.

In 'Stung,' Researcher Connects Jellyfish Blooms To Doomed Oceans

In her new book, "Stung," researcher Lisa-ann Gershwin Ph.D., compares jellyfish to an angel of death whose presence in the ocean is causing destruction, death and disruption. And she says humans are contributing to the problem.