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Life In Prison: The Cost Of Punishment

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Video published January 25, 2010 | Download MP4 | View transcript

Above: This 30-minute documentary explores the cost of California’s "tough on crime" legislation. It gives you an inside look into three state prisons, including the California Medical Facility. CMF houses the oldest and sickest inmates in the state.

Aging Inmates

  • Reducing Calif. Prison Population

    Jan. 22
    Reducing Calif. Prison Population

    What's the latest on efforts to reduce California's overcrowded prison system? KPBS Reporter Joanne Faryon updates us on the history behind the prison crisis, and the ideas that are being discussed to solve the problem.

  • The Cost Of Life In Prison

    Jan. 20
    The Cost Of Life In Prison

    The Supreme Court has rejected California's challenge to reduce its overcrowded prison population. The high court says the state must follow a federal order to reduce its prison numbers by 40,000 within two years. Yesterday, we told how overcrowding is taking a toll on old and sick inmates. Now, we look at the cost of spending life in prison. KPBS Producer Wendy Fry joins us with that part of the ...

  • Life In Prison: Harriet Salarno, A Victim Speaks

    Jan. 15
    Life In Prison: Harriet Salarno, A Victim Speaks

    KPBS reporter Joanne Faryon interviews Harriet Salarno, a crime victim whose daughter was murdered in 1979. Ever since, Salarno has fought for crime victims' rights.

  • California's Costly Prisons

    Jan. 11

    California spends 11 percent of its budget on its overcrowded prisons. We'll look at why costs continue to rise particularly for the aging prison population.

  • Soaring Costs For California's Failing Prison System

    Jan. 8
    Soaring Costs For California's Failing Prison System

    Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger announced this week a proposal to reduce prison costs with privatization. KPBS Reporter Joanne Faryon discusses her investigation into the aging prison population.

  • Release Older Inmates To Save Money?

    Dec. 11
    Release Older Inmates To Save Money?

    Older prisoners cost California two to three times what it costs to incarcerate younger inmates. Some suggest releasing non-violent elderly inmates to save money. What do you think?