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Cory Briggs

Judge Dismisses Lawsuit Against inewsource, San Diego State

A San Diego judge threw out a lawsuit yesterday challenging the legality of lease agreements between inewsource, KPBS and San Diego State University, concluding that it was prompted by inewsource’s investigative journalism.

San Diego Judge Hears Arguments On Motion To Dismiss Lawsuit Against inewsource

A San Diego judge heard arguments Friday on a motion filed by inewsource seeking to dismiss a local nonprofit’s lawsuit.

San Diego Judge Warns Attorney Briggs About Possible Criminal Prosecution

Judge Gregory Pollack said attorney Cory Briggs knew the nonprofit he represented in litigation over the San Diego Convention Center expansion had been suspended by the state. “Mr. Briggs may be in a whole heap of trouble,” Pollack said.

Nonprofits Linked To San Diego Attorney Cory Briggs Flout State, Federal Laws

For years, the well-known environmental attorney has collected attorney fees and settlements on behalf of a network of charitable, nonprofit organizations he helped form. In many cases, the nonprofits repeatedly and persistently violated state and federal laws.

Briggs Withdraws Subpoena Against inewsource

Cory Briggs, a San Diego attorney at the center of an inewsource investigation, has withdrawn a subpoena he served on inewsource’s executive director in April.

Cory Briggs Gets Paid In Sunroad Debacle; No Money Yet To San Diego For Land

The settlement between Sunroad and Briggs called for a $10,000 donation to the city of San Diego in addition to a second payment based on the value of an appraisal. So far, no appraisal has been done.

Briggs-Related Nonprofit Sues inewsource, SDSU

San Diego attorney Cory Briggs has been the subject of a recent series of investigative stories by inewsource. A nonprofit Briggs is associated with has now sued inewsource and its executive director, as well as San Diego State University.

Second Lawsuit Involving San Diego Attorney Briggs Raises Conflict Issues

An inewsource report shows that attorney Cory Briggs’ personal and professional partner played a key role in an environmental review of a project near the Mexican border. Briggs eventually sued the city of San Diego and a private developer over the project on environmental grounds.

San Diego Gets $143K Settlement In Briggs-Cacciatore Conflict

The City Council unanimously approved the settlement with La Mesa-based Helix Environmental Planning, which employed attorney Cory Briggs’ significant other. She also was a vice president in Briggs’ firm when he sued the city over a project Helix had worked on.

Briggs Lawsuit, Land Deal End Badly For Family

Legal and real estate experts question San Diego attorney Cory Briggs' actions in a lawsuit and real estate transaction involving a family in San Bernardino County.

More Contradictions Found In Briggs-Cacciatore Land Records

San Diego attorney Cory Briggs and his personal and professional partner, Sarichia Cacciatore, have signed contradictory documents about where they live and their relationship — potential felonies according to a prosecutor and mortgage fraud experts.

Helix Environmental: San Diego Attorney's Wife Did Not Disclose Role In His Firm

The environmental consulting firm that employed attorney Cory Briggs’ wife added another layer to the conflict-of-interest inquiry surrounding the couple, saying it did not know she had a position in Briggs’ law firm.

Contested Transcript Of San Diego Attorney Cory Briggs’ Wife Released

The lawyer for Cory Briggs’ wife released the document Monday, saying she had no objection. It shows she was associated with her husband’s law firm for the past 20 years while also working for a consulting firm that did business with local governments he sued.

Document Links Cory Briggs' Wife To His San Diego Law Business

New documents provided Wednesday to inewsource say the wife of a well-known environmental lawyer was vice president of his law firm at the same time she worked on projects for government agencies he was suing.

San Diego Attorney Briggs Responds To Questions About His Business Practices

San Diego attorney Cory Briggs published an open letter on his website Tuesday responding to inewsource stories investigating his business practices, including potential conflicts of interest.

San Diego Attorney Cory Briggs’ Land Deals Raise Ethical, Legal Questions

A San Diego lawyer who has built a reputation on fighting for the environment and against government abuse runs a business that runs contrary to his public interest persona.