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Animal Events

Pumpkin Patch At Bates Nut Farm

Monday, Oct. 21, 2019 Bates Nut Farm

Del Mar Pumpkin Station

Monday, Oct. 21, 2019 Outdoor Location

Rancho Bernardo Pumpkin Farm

Monday, Oct. 21, 2019 Rancho Bernardo Pumpkin Farm

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Humane Society Reminds Pet Owners To Avoid Exercising Pets During Hot Weather

Aug. 20
By City News Service

The San Diego Humane Society reminded residents Tuesday to avoid bringing pets on hikes during periods of hot weather to protect them from heatstroke.

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Del Mar's Horse Racing Season Begins In The Shadow Of Santa Anita Deaths

July 17
By Matt Hoffman

The summer racing season kicks off Wednesday in Del Mar after 30 horses died earlier this year at Los Angeles' Santa Anita Park track.

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Alpine Animal Rescue Raising Awareness About Big Cats

June 11
By Anica Colbert, Ebone Monet

Lions Tigers & Bears big cat animal rescue takes in exotic animals unsuited for zoo conservation programs, and they’re calling for public awareness and support about exotic big cats.

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Wildlife Officers: DNA Analysis Shows Slain Mountain Lion Attacked Boy

May 31
By Matt Hoffman

The California Department of Fish and Wildlife said Friday forensic scientists confirmed a mountain lion killed by officers was the animal that attacked a boy at the Los Peñasquitos Canyon Preserve.

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San Diego Humane Society Praises 'Puppy Mills' Ban

Jan. 3
By Ebone Monet and Anica Colbert

San Diego Humane Society said the Pet Rescue and Adoption Act takes "puppy mills completely out of the picture."

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San Diego Zoo Bids Farewell To Giant Panda Gao Gao

Oct. 30, 2018
By City News Service

The San Diego Zoo said goodbye Tuesday to a giant panda named Gao Gao, sending him back to his homeland as part of a research loan agreement with China.

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San Diego Shelters Expecting An Increase In Lost Pets This Fourth Of July

July 4, 2018
By Matt Hoffman

Fireworks can scare pets and cause them to run away, but there are ways to keep your pet calm this Fourth of July.

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Hundreds Of Pets Are Waiting For A Forever Home In El Cajon

June 13, 2018
By Jade Hindmon

Hundreds of stray animals have a new place to call home. The El Cajon Animal Shelter’s newly constructed building is open and ready for people to come adopt a cat, dog or even a reptile.

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Those Cute Animal Videos May Be Causing More Harm Than Good

May 3, 2018
By Michael Lipkin

For every baby animal that draws attention, and more importantly donations, there's another more homely creature without that same affection.

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County To Lay Off 38 Employees As Part Of Plan To Shrink Animal Services Department

April 24, 2018
By City News Service

The San Diego County Board of Supervisors voted Tuesday to move forward with laying off 38 full-time Animal Services employees as part of a plan to shrink the department.

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Searching For Ashes Within Ashes — Dog Teams Hunt For Human Cremains In Wildfire Wreckage

Jan. 16, 2018
April Dembosky / Cal Report

Archeologists work with forensic search dogs at the Institute for Canine Forensics to find human cremains in wildfire wreckage.

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Pets Lost In Lilac Fire Waiting To Be Claimed

Dec. 20, 2017
By City News Service

A 10-year-old turkey named Violet, brought in by county Animal Services during the Lilac Fire in the North County, is back home, but three animals remain unclaimed, authorities said Thursday.

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Calls For End To Mexico's Capture Of Endangered Porpoise

Nov. 6, 2017
By Associated Press

Calls are mounting for the Mexican government and international experts to stop an operation to capture and enclose the few remaining vaquita porpoises, after one of the animals died soon after being caught over the weekend.

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It's A Boy! Safari Park Says Hippo Born Last Month Is Male

Oct. 13, 2017
By City News Service

A river hippopotamus born three weeks ago at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park is a male, park officials said Friday.

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Introducing: San Diego Zoo's Newest Baby Hippo

Sept. 28, 2017
By Elma Gonzalez Lima Brandao

Meet San Diego Zoo’s newest addition to the family: a baby hippo.

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