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Chief Personnel Specialist Jennifer Johnston co...

After A Military-Wide Stand Down To Address Extremism, What's The Pentagon's Next Step?

April 9
By Steve Walsh

After the January 6 Capitol insurrection, the Pentagon ordered all service branches to discuss extremism with the troops. But observers say that's only a first step toward eliminating extremist behavior.

Amber Davila, who left the Army after she was s...

A New Study Says Troops Are Leaving The Military Because Of Sexual Assaults And Harassment

April 6
Carson Fame/American Homefront

The RAND Corporation study concluded that the cost of sexual assault and harassment extends beyond the victims. It's also causing troops to leave the service, hurting military readiness.

The first class of female recruits arrived at M...

The Marine Corps Has Now Opened Both Its Boot Camps To Women, But Full Equity Remains Elusive

March 29
By Steve Walsh and The American Homefront Project

The Marines have the fewest number of women of any of the services. Though the Corps has now integrated its two boot camps, that's just one of several hurdles the Corps faces to fully embracing women.

Former servicemember Stephen Kennedy, with his ...

A Proposed Legal Settlement Could Upgrade The Discharges Of Thousands of Ex-Soldiers

March 22
Desiree Diorio / American Homefront

If approved by a federal court, the legal settlement will force the Army to review the discharges of recent veterans with mental health issues.

A monument on the West Point campus states the ...

Most Of The West Point Cadets Who Cheated On A Virtual Exam Will Be Allowed To Remain Enrolled

March 10
Desiree Diorio / The American Homefront Project

The scandal is the largest at West Point in 40 years, and it has raised questions about honor among the men and women who will become the Army's future leaders.

In a

Under Pressure To Address Sex Crimes In the Ranks, An Army Unit Is Asking Soldiers For Ideas

March 8
Carson Frame / American Homefront Project

Army leaders concede that a program designed to eliminate sexual harassment and abuse has not achieved its goal. So the 18th Airborne Corps held a "Shark Tank" type event for soldiers to present ideas to fix it.

Staff Sgt. Romeo Pactores fought to remain in t...

Troops With Service-Related Mental Health Issues Say It's Unfair To Kick Them Out Of Military

Feb. 23
By Steve Walsh

Marines with PTSD and other wounds of war continue to be involuntarily discharged for misconduct, despite an efforts to keep them in the corps.

Sailors at a change of command ceremony for the...

Task Force Report Looks At Discriminations In Navy's Ranks

Feb. 5
By Steve Walsh

Critics say Task Force One Navy did not go far enough to address open racism in the Navy.

Kristen Christy poses with her husband Don in a...

Congress Is Paying More Attention To Veteran Suicide, But Progress Is Slow

Feb. 1
Caitlyn Kim / American Homefront

New federal laws seek to improve mental health care for veterans and their families. But advocates say it will take time for local communities to feel the effects.

Supporters of President Trump climb the west wa...

Vet Groups Slowly Coming To Terms With Violent Extremists In Their Ranks

Jan. 22
By Steve Walsh

Veterans have been a target of violent extremist groups for years, but veterans groups have not stepped up the way they have with suicide prevention and other issues.

At a drive-through vaccination site in Elizabet...

To Speed Up COVID-19 Vaccinations, Leaders Are Turning To The National Guard

Jan. 20
Jay Price / The American Homefront Project

More than a dozen states have called up the National Guard to help at vaccination sites, and Joe Biden may mobilize Guard units nationally.

Trainees march in formation at Joint Base San A...

'We Do Feel Kind Of Robbed': COVID-19 Forces The Military To Scale Back Basic Training

Jan. 18
Carson Frame / American Homefront Project

Health and safety precautions during the pandemic have led the Air Force to eliminate parts of basic training. But some military observers question whether the changes are leaving airmen unprepared for duty.

Curley Bonds, the Chief Medical Officer for the...

A Lack Of Timely And Accurate Data Is Hampering Efforts To Prevent Veteran Suicide

Jan. 11
Robert Garrova / American Homefront Project

Some states and cities are trying to improve the quality of data on veteran suicide, which is often incomplete and years old.

Iraq War veteran Roberto Cruz is pictured in th...

For Veterans With PTSD, Life In Isolation Can Lead To Relapses And New Symptoms

Jan. 4
Stephanie Colombini / The American Homefront Project

Months of physical distancing and pandemic anxiety has been especially tough on veterans who were already dealing with post-traumatic stress disorder and other combat-related injuries.

Manuel Bernal, president of East LA Community C...

It Was Just 30 Units, But An East LA Apartment Fire Underscores The Veteran Housing Crisis

Dec. 24, 2020
Robert Garrova/American Homefront

Some of Los Angeles County's 3900 homeless veterans had been lined up to move into the complex under construction. After the fire, many will remain on the streets.

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