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Members of the U.S. Naval Academy Class of 2021...

Amid A 'Stark' Racial Disparity In Military Academy Nominations, Should Congress Be Doing More?

June 11
Desiree D'Iorio/American Homefront

Advocates say more members of Congress should reach out to Black and Latino high school students and make them aware of opportunities at the elite schools.

Richard Sobek, the Commander of American Legion...

American Legion Posts Are Reopening, But Many Still Face A Financial Crisis

June 10
Anne Kniggendorf

More than 12,000 American Legion posts closed for at least part of the pandemic. Those closures left some posts in financial trouble.

Lynn Rolf Jr., a retired Army colonel, typicall...

The VA Is Lifting Restrictions At Cemeteries, But Memorial Day May Not Be Back To Normal

May 28
Chris Haxel / The American Homefront Project

Days before Memorial Day, the Department of Veterans Affairs is easing restrictions at the cemeteries it manages.

Staff Sgt. Antoine raises his head as a flight ...

A Skin Condition Makes It Hard For Some Black Men To Shave And Get Ahead In The Military

May 24
Carson Frame/American Homefront

Some Air Force members say they're facing discrimination because it's hard for them to shave their faces daily. Many have a skin condition that's especially common among Black men.

Former Navy sailor Louis Miller stands on the d...

Some States Are Doing What The Federal Government Won't: Giving Veterans Benefits To Gay Ex-Troops

May 18
Desiree Diorio / The American Homefront Project

Thousands of troops were expelled for being gay before Congress changed the law in 2011. Though many still don't qualify for federal veterans benefits, they now can receive state benefits in New York, Colorado, and other states.

First group of women complete the grueling Cruc...

Marines Still Under The Gun To Integrate Women Despite Success Of First Boot Camp Class

May 17
By Steve Walsh

Allowing one cycle of female recruits to graduate from traditionally all-male San Diego is only the first step to fulfilling a Congressional mandate.

Female recruit handed a weapon during the Boot ...

First Class Of Female Recruits In San Diego History May Be The Last For Now

May 5
By Steve Walsh

Female recruits went through Marine boot camp in San Diego for the first time this spring. As they are set to graduate, these new Marines say it's time for women to keep training on the West Coast.

Military and civilian officials attend a ceremo...

After Billions Of Dollars In Damage, The Military Is Trying To Protect Bases From Climate Change

May 4
Jay Price/American Homefront

Hurricanes caused catastrophic damage to East Coast military bases in 2018. Now, as it starts to rebuild, the Pentagon wants to make bases less vulnerable to future storms.

Navy Lt. Adam Adamski is pictured in the cockpi...

Openly Gay Pilot Leaving Navy After Harassment

April 28
By Steve Walsh

A harassment incident after a Marine Corps Birthday Ball pushed one pilot's career into limbo, a decade after the Don't Ask, Don't Tell policy ended.

The Department of Veterans Affairs administers ...

The VA Has Vaccinated Millions Of People. Congress Is Asking It To Inoculate Many More

April 13
Jay Price/American Homefront

Congress has told the Department of Veterans Affairs to offer COVID-19 vaccines to some 24 million people who don't usually get their health care through the VA.

Chief Personnel Specialist Jennifer Johnston co...

After A Military-Wide Stand Down To Address Extremism, What's The Pentagon's Next Step?

April 9
By Steve Walsh

After the January 6 Capitol insurrection, the Pentagon ordered all service branches to discuss extremism with the troops. But observers say that's only a first step toward eliminating extremist behavior.

Amber Davila, who left the Army after she was s...

A New Study Says Troops Are Leaving The Military Because Of Sexual Assaults And Harassment

April 6
Carson Frame/American Homefront

The RAND Corporation study concluded that the cost of sexual assault and harassment extends beyond the victims. It's also causing troops to leave the service, hurting military readiness.

The first class of female recruits arrived at M...

The Marine Corps Has Now Opened Both Its Boot Camps To Women, But Full Equity Remains Elusive

March 29
By Steve Walsh and The American Homefront Project

The Marines have the fewest number of women of any of the services. Though the Corps has now integrated its two boot camps, that's just one of several hurdles the Corps faces to fully embracing women.

Former servicemember Stephen Kennedy, with his ...

A Proposed Legal Settlement Could Upgrade The Discharges Of Thousands of Ex-Soldiers

March 22
Desiree Diorio / American Homefront

If approved by a federal court, the legal settlement will force the Army to review the discharges of recent veterans with mental health issues.

A monument on the West Point campus states the ...

Most Of The West Point Cadets Who Cheated On A Virtual Exam Will Be Allowed To Remain Enrolled

March 10
Desiree Diorio / The American Homefront Project

The scandal is the largest at West Point in 40 years, and it has raised questions about honor among the men and women who will become the Army's future leaders.