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Tracking Covid 19

Coronavirus FAQ

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Answering Your Questions On Reopening In San Diego

Sept. 23
By John Carroll, Tarryn Mento

San Diegans have many questions about what can and what can't reopen during the current stage of the pandemic. We have some answers.

Coronavirus FAQ: I See People Wearing Disposable Coveralls On Planes. Good Idea?

Sept. 18
Marc Silver / NPR

Some passengers don a disposable suit over their clothes to help shield themselves from the coronavirus. Is that helpful? What about gloves, face shields and goggles? Also: A blanket idea!

Coronavirus FAQs: What Are The New Dating Rules? And What About Hooking Up?

Sept. 11
Isabella Gomez Sarmiento / NPR

Should you go on a date with someone new ... or revisit an ex if you feel safer that way? How do you know if a potential partner is following pandemic safety rules? And is it safe to have sex?

Coronavirus FAQ: Is It Safe To Get On The Bus (Or Subway)?

Aug. 28
Pranav Baskar / NPR

Mass transportation ridership plummeted when COVID-19 struck. Now people are beginning to return. What are the risks they face — and how can they reduce them?

Coronavirus FAQ: So Do Lots Of People Get COVID-19 From Flying?

Aug. 21
Pranav Baskar / NPR

A study released this week points to two passengers infected on a four-hour-plus flight. But there hasn't been a lot of documentation of transmission on planes. So how risky is flying?

Coronavirus FAQ: Can An Airline Put You On A No-Fly List For Refusing To Mask Up?

Aug. 7
Pranav Baskar / NPR

The matter of masks on planes has led to some contentious moments — and serious consequences. Is it legal to ban a passenger from flying for violating a mask mandate?

Coronavirus FAQ: Cases Are Spiking Again In Hong Kong. What Are They Doing About It?

July 31
Jason Beaubien / NPR

Hong Kong had brought local transmission way, way down. But numbers are now going up. What kind of restrictions are being introduced for daily life to get the virus under control once more?

Coronavirus FAQ: What Does It Mean If I Can Blow Out A Candle While Wearing A Mask?

July 24
Pranav Baskar / NPR

The candle test is one way to assess (roughly) the effectiveness of a mask. If your mask passes the test, you can help it do an even better job with some simple hacks.

Coronavirus FAQ: What's The Best Way To Care For A Loved One With COVID-19?

July 17
Pranav Baskar / NPR

With cases on the rise, people want to know: How do I look after a family member who's been diagnosed and is at home? And how do I show support for a friend with the virus?

Coronavirus FAQ: How Do I Protect Myself If The Coronavirus Can Linger In The Air?

July 11
Pien Huang / NPR

Researchers say airborne transmission is possible, especially in cramped indoor settings, but it's unclear how much it contributes to the spread. Here's how to lower your risks, just in case.

Coronavirus FAQs: Is It Safe To Dine Indoors — Or Outdoors?

July 2
Pranav Baskar / NPR

We look at the risks to consider (and precautions to take) before a restaurant meal. Also: How risky is it to fly on fully booked flights?

Coronavirus FAQs: Is There A Polite Way To Remind Someone To Follow Pandemic Rules?

June 26
Pranav Baskar / NPR

Also: if you're headed back to a physical workplace, how do you keep safe? And do you need to have a mask on all the time at work?

Coronavirus FAQs: Home Repair Guidelines, Toilet Plumes, Manicures And Self-Spraying

June 19
Pranav Baskar / NPR

By popular demand, we've updated our guidelines for repair people in the home — and taken on new topics as well.

Coronavirus FAQs: How To Stay Safe While Protesting, When To Go Out After Recovery

June 5
Allison Aubrey / NPR

Also: If I head to a new state or country for a visit, do I need to self-isolate to protect others in case I'm contagious?

Coronavirus FAQs: How Risky Is It To Fly? Is There Any Way To Reduce The Risks?

May 15
Laurel Wamsley / NPR

As places around the world begin reopening, people are thinking about flying again — and wondering if it's safe.

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