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California Dream

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You became a Californian because someone in your family believed in a dream. A strong public education. The promise of a job. The weather. (Ahhh, the weather.) In its long history, the California Dream has meant different things to different people. Today, the state’s identity is in marked contrast to the rest of the country. The dream may still be alive, but it’s challenged at every corner.

What does it mean today?

KPBS and mission-driven media organizations around the state will explore the California Dream starting this year. Reporters and producers will tell the personal stories and discuss the ideas that make up the history, future and current state of the California Dream.

Special Series

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What Questions Do You Have About How California Cities Are Addressing Homelessness?

Nov. 16
California Dream

Join us Friday, Nov. 16, for a wide-ranging conversation with the mayors of four of California's largest cities about our crisis in homelessness and housing. Hear what they're doing at a local level and what else they think California can do to help those struggling to get by.

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2018 Midterm Election Results: Join In On A Statewide Discussion

Nov. 7
By KPBS News

In collaboration with the California Dream project, join us for a live, statewide call-in radio show on Wednesday from 11 a.m. to noon. We’ll get reaction to the 2018 midterm election results from political reporters around the state and from listeners like you.

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The New Normal In California’s Direct Democracy Process: Ballot Measures As Leverage

Nov. 5
Ben Adler/Capital Public Radio

A 2014 state law opened up California’s direct democracy process to negotiations with the governor and Legislature. In doing so, it created a powerful new tool for interest groups.

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How California Initiatives Went From “Power To The People” To A Big Money Game

Nov. 2
Meghan McCarty Carino/KPCC

The story behind the California Lottery tells us a lot about the role of special interests in our direct democracy process.

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A Proposition On November’s Ballot Renews The Prop. 13 Debate

Nov. 1
Scott Shafer/KQED

According to a 2016 analysis from the Legislative Analyst’s Office, Prop. 13 has led to vastly different property tax assessments within counties, or even blocks, depending on how long the home has been owned.

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Who To Thank (Or Blame) For California’s Version Of Direct Democracy

Nov. 1
Meghan McCarty Carino/ KPCC

How California came to have one of the most powerful, and least flexible initiative processes in the world.

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Proposition 13: Should Businesses Pay More?

Oct. 31
David Wagner/KPCC

In 2020, California voters could raise property tax bills for their business-owning neighbors.

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Too Few Homes: Is Prop. 13 To Blame For The State’s Housing Shortage?

Oct. 30
Matt Levin/CALmatters

California, and particularly the Bay Area, hasn’t built enough housing to keep up with demand. By one estimate from the California Department of Housing and Community Development, the state needs to build 1.8 million units over the next seven years just to keep pace with population growth. Right now, California isn’t close to building that quickly.

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Proposition 13: Public Schools, Public Trust

Oct. 29
Vanessa Rancaño/KQED

When Sarah and Charles Woodson moved into their middle-class North Oakland neighborhood, their son was just a baby, but their new neighbors already had questions about his education.

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California Dream Takes Center Stage In Governor’s Race

Oct. 29
By Amita Sharma

The state’s affordability crisis has prompted vows from gubernatorial candidates Gavin Newsom and John Cox to reignite the California Dream.

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Proposition 13: Similar Homes, Different Taxes

Oct. 26
Matt Levin/ CALmatters

Jas and Don live just around the corner from each other. Their houses are worth the same. Is it fair that she pays far more in taxes?

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Proposition 13: The Birth Of California’s Taxpayer Revolt

Oct. 25
Chris Nichols/Capital Public Radio

40 years ago California voters passed Proposition 13. The election reshaped the California dream for generations.

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Voter Cram Session: AirTalk Breaks Down The Ballot Propositions

Oct. 18

Voters have fewer propositions to sift through than two years ago, but will be asked to vote on 11 statewide ballot measures this fall. Among them, Californians will decide whether local governments should be able to expand rent control, whether to retain the gas tax, and if the state should only sell cage-free eggs.

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Special Call-In: Analysis And Reaction On The Newsom-Cox Debate From Across California

Oct. 8
AirTalk, KPCC

In collaboration with the California Dream project, AirTalk hosts a live statewide call-in show featuring analysis and voter reaction to the debate.

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Cox, Newsom Square Off In California Governor Debate

Oct. 8
Guy Marzorati / KQED

California's two gubernatorial candidates, Democrat Gavin Newsom and Republican John Cox are set to square off head-to-head for the first (and probably only) time at 10 a.m. Monday in a debate on KQED's Forum program. The debate will also be carried on KPBS, 89.5 FM.

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