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California Dream

You became a Californian because someone in your family believed in a dream. A strong public education. The promise of a job. The weather. (Ahhh, the weather.) In its long history, the California Dream has meant different things to different people. Today, the state’s identity is in marked contrast to the rest of the country. The dream may still be alive, but it’s challenged at every corner.

What does it mean today?

KPBS and mission-driven media organizations around the state will explore the California Dream starting this year. Reporters and producers will tell the personal stories and discuss the ideas that make up the history, future and current state of the California Dream.

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How Redding Became An Unlikely Epicenter Of Modern Christian Culture

July 2
Vanessa Rancaño/KQED

In the two decades since the School of Supernatural Ministry’s founding, more than 10,000 people from around the world have made the same pilgrimage, turning Redding into an unlikely global epicenter of Christian culture.

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Immigrant Entrepreneurs Invigorate California's Economy

July 1
David Wagner / KPCC

Immigrants take big risks coming to California. When they get here, many decide to take another risk: launching their own company.

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The Global California Dream, In 5 Charts And Maps

June 26
Matt Levin/CALmatters

The “California Dream” is a global brand. For more than a century the state has been a magnet for migrants from around the world, and now has the largest foreign-born population of any state in the country.

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Experts Cheer Newsom's Order To Create Aging Plan, Some Push For Interim Fixes

June 18
By Amita Sharma

Advocates say immediate attention needed on boosting funding for healthcare and long-term care costs for the elderly.

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Roundtable: Navy SEAL War Crimes Trial Delayed

May 24
By Aly Sadik, Mark Sauer

The trial has been delayed for the Navy SEAL accused of committing war crimes while on deployment. Seniors are finding it harder to live in the Golden State. California moves one step closer to restricting short-term rentals in San Diego.

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How Prepared Is California For The Booming Senior Population?

May 22
By KPBS Staff

Seniors are the fastest growing population group in California. The state faces numerous challenges in helping seniors deal with issues from financial stress to access to healthcare and housing.

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California's Aging Population Is Growing, Quickly. Are We Ready?

May 21
By Marissa Cabrera, Maureen Cavanaugh

By the year 2030, California's senior population is expected to grow from 6 to 9 million residents. That will have a significant impact on everything from health care to transportation and housing. Join KPBS Midday Edition this Wednesday at noon for a live broadcast and panel discussion with local experts on navigating the golden years in California.

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Loneliness And High Rent Prompt California Seniors To Look For Roommates

May 13
By Amita Sharma

A growing number of California seniors are moving in together to deal with the state’s affordability crisis and the solitude that comes with the death of a spouse.

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A California Farmer Goes In Search Of A Successor

May 8
Julia Mitric/Capital Public Radio

The average age of a California farmer is 59. Who will grow our food when today’s farmers retire?

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Retired California Chef Builds Community Through His Volunteer Cooking

May 7
Farida Jhabvala Romero / KQED

Volunteering often provides older adults with a sense of purpose and connection to others that is linked to physical and emotional health benefits, especially after they’ve left the workforce, according to a review of research by the Corporation for National and Community Service, a federal agency.

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California Seniors Make Their Way Back To College

May 3
Vanessa Rancaño/KQED

Seniors are hitting the books later in life to change careers, to pursue unexplored passions, and to get degrees they never finished or had the chance to start.

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A California Couple Plans A New Home, In The Backyard

May 2
Matt Levin / CALmatters

You’ve heard of NIMBYs and YIMBYs. Now meet the PIMBYs, the "Parents in my Backyard."

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Aging California Seniors Will Need Caregivers, And Family Is First Up

April 29
Elizabeth Aguilera/CALmatters

The coming wave of senior citizens is going to tax an already stretched caregiver network made up mostly of family members.

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Life After Driving: How California Seniors Are Rethinking Getting Around

April 29
Meghan McCarty Carino/KPCC

The car-centric California dream has defined freedom and opportunity in the Golden State for decades. But it poses challenges for a generation that expects to remain active and independent in retirement.

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Living The Dream, With The Help Of A Home And A Pension

April 26
By Amita Sharma

For middle-class seniors who bought their homes decades ago, the California dream remains well within reach.