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This undated photo shows Mexican avocados for s...

Scripps Researchers Uncover What Could Make Calorie-Restricted Diets Effective

Oct. 8
By Shalina Chatlani

Scientists say they think the finding could lead to drugs that yield the benefits of dieting, without an actual reduction in eating.

In this March 16, 2012, file photo, researcher ...

California's Stem-Cell Research Program Nearly Out Of Money

Oct. 2
John Rogers / Associated Press

California’s first-of-its-kind state program to fund stem-cell research is running out of money and supporters want voters to provide a $5.5 billion infusion. Proposition 14's supporters are hoping voters will again support the program.

Kaylee Arnold (right) and a colleague collect

Rad Scientist Podcast: Oceanside Native Studies Parasite-Carrying Insects

Sept. 30
By Kinsee Morlan and Margot Wohl

Kaylee Arnold grew up in Oceanside, but moved to Georgia to pursue a doctoral degree in ecology. Despite her fear of heights, Kaylee climbs high up in the palm trees of Panama to collect her research subjects, kissing bugs.

Tease photo for 'We Know It Is In The Air,' Local Sci...

'We Know It Is In The Air,' Local Scientist Reacts To Changing CDC COVID-19 Guidance

Sept. 22
By Alison St John, Pat Finn

On Monday, the Centers for Disease Control removed language about the spread of the coronavirus through aerosol particles from its website, information they had just posted Friday. A renowned UC San Diego atmospheric chemist explains what science believes about aerosols and the coronavirus on KPBS Midday Edition.

UC San Diego physician Dr. Constance Benson, Vi...

UC San Diego Kicks Off Testing In First Of Kind Outpatient Worldwide COVID-19 Trial

Sept. 18
By Shalina Chatlani

The trial, called ACTIV-2, is under the National Institutes of Health. The idea of the trial is to test out multiple coronavirus-specific therapies at once.

Christa Jones, a nurse in the Sharp Grossmont H...

San Diego Scientists Uncover Why Elderly COVID-19 Patients May Experience Deadlier Cases

Sept. 16
By Shalina Chatlani

The research, which was published this week in the peer-reviewed journal 'Cell,' could explain why older people often experience more deadly coronavirus cases.

Tease photo for San Diego Zoo Global Shifts Conservat...

San Diego Zoo Global Shifts Conservation Focus

Sept. 14
By Erik Anderson

San Diego Zoo officials are changing they way they think about conservation and what's involved when they step in to help a threatened species.

A sign leading onto San Diego State University ...

Roundtable: SDSU Sees Spike In COVID-19 Cases

Sept. 11
By Bennett Lacy

San Diego State University pauses in-person classes amid a surge in COVID-19 cases among students, San Diego takes steps to help hotel workers reclaim lost jobs, and the tight race for congress in east county.

A camera is seen on a streetlight in the city o...

Under Pressure From Privacy Advocates, San Diego Mayor Shuts Down Streetlight Cameras

Sept. 10
By Andrew Bowen

San Diego's "smart streetlights" were originally pitched as a way to improve transportation planning, but they quickly morphed into a tool for law enforcement. An ordinance to regulate the cameras' use is awaiting a vote from the City Council.

The type of needle doctors use to administer sh...

AstraZeneca Phase 3 Trials Paused Due To Safety Concerns, UC San Diego Arm Of Study Delayed

Sept. 10
By Shalina Chatlani

Now, a data safety review board is investigating whether the illness is connected to the vaccine.