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The Ink Spot

San Diego Writers, Ink offers classes, groups, workshops, readings and other literary events at The Ink Spot and other locations throughout San Diego County, including the La Jolla Public Library and Lestat’s Coffee House.

San Diego Writers, Ink, nurtures writers and fosters a literary community by serving as a hub for the literary community, promoting literature, providing artistic development for writers at all levels and facilitating artistic collaboration.

We always have something going on: new classes are being added weekly, we have multiple read and critique groups (which might have an opening for your work), plus a book club, meetings, readings and writing practice groups offering prompts.

The Ink Spot is open when classes and events are held or by appointment. Staff may be there in the afternoons Monday-Tuesday from 1 p.m.-5 p.m. and other times. We are only open during events and classes. Please check our schedule.

There is plenty of free parking near the building, including the parking lot just outside. The office is upstairs from the Women’s History Museum and next door to Inspirations Gallery. Visit the Liberty Station website for detailed directions and parking information.

Upcoming event at The Ink Spot

Jacobsen, Hauge & Vesaas: Working In Norwegian Concrete - Poem-Making With Jim Moreno

  • Tomorrow, 1 p.m. to 4 p.m.
  • This three-hour poetry workshop facilitated by San Diego Writers, Ink poet Jim Moreno will feature poets of Norway, Olav Hague (How-ga), Rolf Jacobsen and Tarjei Vesaas (Tard' eI Ver' sos). In the second 90 minutes Jim will read work from poets of other genres and cultures that resonate with the earthy themes of the Norwegian poets. In this tragic time of accelerated hate and ignorance, isn't it nice to discover ... Read more

All upcoming events at The Ink Spot

Novel I: Intro With Margaret DillowayStarts January 12, 2019

Jacobsen, Hauge & Vesaas: Working In Norwegian Concrete - Poem-Making With Jim MorenoTomorrow

Screenwriting With Aleta BarthellaJanuary 21, 2019

Creative Writing IV: Crafting Non-Fiction With Molly Larson CookMarch 2, 2019

Creative Writing V: Revising, Editing, Publishing With Judy ReevesApril 20, 2019

Past events

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