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Time Is A River – Brooke King, Kelli Hewlett, And Zack Dryer

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The past doesn’t go anywhere. Time is a river, and you are standing in it. – Utah Phillips

Today’s show is split into three parts and three different veteran writers, each focusing respectively on periods before the country went to war after 9/11, during deployment downrange in Iraq, and the aftermath after leaving the service. That’s why we’re titling today’s show, “Time is a River,” after one of my favorite quotes of all time, by the American folksinger Utah Phillips, who said, “The past doesn’t go anywhere. Time is a river, and you are standing in it.” Each part is told respectively by Army veterans Kelli Hewlett, Brooke King, and Zack Dryer, and while their experiences were wildly different, they shared a part of the same war at different points and collectively tell its story in-brief.

Contributors: Kelli Hewlett, Brooke King, Zack Dryer.

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