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Everything Is A War – Vance Voyles And Natalie Lovejoy

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“Everything Is A War,” focuses on stories about how serving in a war zone can stick to a person, so deeply that traces of it will magically appear months, years after a service member returns home. And it doesn’t just impact service members, but the friends, lovers, and family of those connected to them. We’ve drafted two voices to tell you stories on that front today.

Musical theatre composer and performer Natalie Lovejoy joins us in the second half to talk about her experiences as a young military spouse, and how she was able to tell her story and connect with others through musical theatre. First up, Navy veteran and police officer Vance Voyles talks about how the war comes back for him, in some of the calls he’s responded to as a cop.

Contributors: Vance Voyles, Natalie Lovejoy.

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