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San Diego Weekend Arts Events: Project [BLANK], Dance Film, False Cast And The Symphony

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A brand new gallery space in Hillcrest, Project [BLANK]'s daring new performance work, a short dance film filmed in Nigeria and a San Diego Symphony livestream.

Speaker 1: 00:00 In the arts this weekend, you can take in a short dance film, viewable on demand. A couple of limes dreamed music performances from beautiful venues and a new outdoor sculpture installation that involves a short hike. Joining me is KPBS arts editor and producer Julia Dixon Evans with all the details. Welcome Julia. Hi Jade. So first up is a live performance of [inaudible] from project blank. What can we expect?

Speaker 2: 00:26 Yeah, so it's a multi-disciplinary thing, which is what first caught my eye. And I've been really loving the thoughtful and really creative digital offerings they've been putting together project blank throughout that pandemic. This is the group behind a beautiful paper cat shadow puppet opera last summer. And this time they're pairing a visual art element with a song cycle called [inaudible] that draws on the texts of Nicha. So putting them in lyrical settings, it's for piano played by Kyle, Adam Blair, and a solo baritone voice. That's Jonathan Nessman. I've listened to some tiny bits of the rehearsals and the pairings just really beautiful it's pensive and evocative, very fitting for the philosopher and what specialists they've been invited into a performance space that is this transformed church called El salon. That's part of the front gallery and Casa familiar in San Pedro and Joshua Moreno. Who's a sculptor and interdisciplinary artist. He's lent the sculptural backdrop to the space. There's these atmospheric installations using huge light diffusing, plastic sheeting. It adds something of a dream state to it all it's live stream to us with two ticketed performance options, and it should be just a really rich visual and musical show. Sounds good.

Speaker 1: 01:49 I could project blinks. Oh, mention live streams tonight at 7:00 PM and Sunday at 2:00 PM. Uh, if there's a break in the storm this weekend, there's a new outdoor sculpture installation by a visiting artist. At Luxe art Institute, we can get, uh, an art fix and a little nature to tell us about that project.

Speaker 2: 02:08 They had trees, Cortez who was born in El Salvador and lives in LA. She is in residence at Lux, but she's sharing the residency with a rotating set of five other artists. They're building this outdoor exhibition and it's named after a character in the last Olmec language out loud. We're just saying glyph. It opens today with one work installed Cortezes, but it will transform throughout the next few months. Her piece is made from unsealed steel and it was first installed in Rockefeller Plaza in New York. This fall, where it transformed from a shiny, fresh silver into kind of a golden orange today from the elements. And it will continue to change while it's here. The landscape around it will change too. As the soil and plants get water and more pieces will be installed. So this is an exhibition to keep coming to. It plays in the Olmec ideas of mountains being in motion. I spoke to Cortez about this, and she really wanted the piece to be in conversation with this greater sense of time and movement. His battery's Cortez.

Speaker 3: 03:14 Every day, when I go walk on a mountain, I always see the same Hills and I know them so well, but it's actually moving. It's just moving at a slower pace than I'm able to detect from my human perspective. And so the show is about the motion of everyone, all of us on the mountain, but also the mountain itself.

Speaker 2: 03:36 And the installation is also a short hike from the building. It's about a quarter mile uphill through their onsite trails. You can request a much closer parking spot, but there's no avoiding one uphill stretch on a dirt trail to get to the installation. The way it works is you make a free appointment online. There are spots Thursday, Friday, and Saturday afternoons, and then wearing masks. You meet a gallery employee. He'll show you where the installation is.

Speaker 1: 04:03 Beatrice Cortez's work in glyph is on view outdoors at Lux art Institute starting today through March 27th, uh, in the dance world, you're recommending a global dance film festival that kicks off this week. How can we watch the festival? Yeah.

Speaker 2: 04:18 So it's a project out of the LA based Jacob Jenna's company in partnership with summer magazine. That's based in London. And the first film is from dancers and brothers victory. And Marvella Ebony. They've set some stunning choreography about family and connection against the landscapes of Kaduna Nigeria and the music spike composer, Annabel Sandovall with some singing from the women in the blogging, really like a soundscape [inaudible]. And that's a clip from Kaduna. It's the first in a series of short films, and I spread out virtual dance film festival, and it's really, really easy to watch. You can find it on the landing page of their website. It's literally just or on their Instagram. And they'll spotlight a new short film. Every single week three may. Kaduna is a really striking way to kick things off, but it's only available through Sunday

Speaker 1: 05:22 And Kaduna is available to watch on demand for free again, through Sunday as part of the 15 film films, dance online festival. And finally the San Diego symphony takes on Copley symphony halls again tonight. Uh, what will they perform and how can we tune in, yeah,

Speaker 2: 05:40 They're streaming monthly performances from the symphony hall this year, they're selling tickets individually, or you can buy a season subscription pass. And this one is the first they'll film, these performances in segments. So they have just a few performers and production staff in, in the building at one time. And then they stitched together these really great streams without an audience they can really spread out. They'll often send the brass up into the balconies, which they'll do tonight when they perform a few brass ensemble arrangements of two Foglar pieces. Both of these pieces for a full orchestra are already pretty tense and powerful, already really heavy on the horns. So it'll be interesting to see it just go all in on a brass arrangement. And then they'll round things out with a comparatively dainty Mozart piece it's symphony number 29, and it's it's delicate and printing kind of charm and Raphael PRA is conducting

Speaker 4: 06:44 [inaudible]

Speaker 1: 06:44 That's Mozart's symphony number 29. The San Diego Symphony's Wagoner meets modes art streams tonight at 7:00 PM. For more arts events visit the KPBS arts calendar or sign up for the weekly KPBS arts slash arts. I've been speaking with KPBS arts editor, Julia Dixon Evans, Julia. Thank

Speaker 2: 07:08 You. Thank you, Jane. Have a good weekend.

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