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5 Songs To Discover In San Diego In June

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Discover new music from bands in the region, including 10-19 and the Number Men, Accidents, The Verigolds, Maura Rosa and Satanic Puppeteer Orchestra.

Speaker 1: 00:00 Summertime means a little more relaxing, maybe a road trip or two, or just some backyard Hangouts, which could put you on the hunt for a new soundtrack. We have some new music releases from San Diego area bands for you to discover ranging from rap to punk to robots. Joining me is KPBS arts editor, Julia Dickson Evans, to walk us through five new local tracks and welcome Julia. Hi Maureen. Thanks for having me. Well, let's do first up here, some hip hop 10 19, and the number men are out with a new EAP spokes. Tell us about this one.

Speaker 2: 00:38 Yeah. 10 19 is a project by San Diego based rapper J Smith. And this EAP came out earlier this year and for such a short album, it's really impressive and jam packed. My favorite track is dog days, which is a grooving Synthi song. And that expression dog days kind of has a double meaning. It's a summary idleness, but also some darker themes like anxiety and depression. And this song really encapsulates both meanings. Well, there is a certain heaviness and exhaustion in the lyrics, but it's such a complicated brainy heaviness kind of poetic. And the overall Sonic effect is so hypnotic make meals in the morning.

Speaker 3: 01:35 [inaudible] today is by

Speaker 1: 01:37 10 19, and the number men from the new EDP spokes accidents is a punk band from Mexicali and they have a new album and vivo who's behind accidents.

Speaker 2: 01:49 Yeah, this is a solo project of CSR Cosio known as car from previous projects. And I really love the approachable brand of pop punk here. That is a little alternative, a little emo maybe, and I love LA persona like, Hey Kona, C state, which was actually released as a side on another project last fall. I'm glad I got Alomar attention. And this album, that track title translates to the person you met. And this is a song that's kind of about how difficult it is to love someone who's struggling. At least from the perspective of the person who's struggling. It's the idea of being sorry for not staying the person you were when you first met. It's heartbreaking, but there's a little bit of hope in there and it's super catchy.

Speaker 3: 02:59 [inaudible]

Speaker 1: 03:15 It's Mexicali based accidents with LA persona. [inaudible] from their new album, NVivo local favorites. The Vera goals are out with new music and have an in-person concert schedule this month. Tell us about the single and the show.

Speaker 2: 03:33 I know it's exciting. Then they're brand new. Single is called Palm Springs and it's jaded and summery and wistful kind of everything you'd expect from a song about Palm Springs, but Jenna cotton's vocals add kind of an unexpected layer of mystery and a sharper edge to it. I feel like there's a mixture of nostalgia and a weird dread as we approach what people are calling the postbac summer. And the song hits that nail on the head for me, you can catch them live June 17th at the holding company in Obie, they're playing with his east Gonzalez and features

Speaker 3: 04:39 [inaudible]

Speaker 1: 04:42 That's Palm Springs by the very goals, Tijuana based Malraux Rosa is out with a new single, okay.

Speaker 2: 05:28 Myra rose says in ECU, dad is a beguiling sinister track and it's kind of heartbreaking, but still really chill. I love the texture here is Latin inspired, mallet, percussion, plenty of fuzzy electronics and simple layers. And Mara Russ, his vocals are breathy. They're dark, a little distorted and a little sweet at times too. This one is her fifth single since last April's entra. So I'm hopeful. That's a sign of a forthcoming full length album from her, a follow up to her EAP that came out in 2018 called comma, and that Salah

Speaker 1: 06:03 That's T one is Mona Rosa with inequity that, and now for some robots, satanic puppeteer orchestra, great name has a new album and a robot lead singer,

Speaker 2: 06:18 Right? So say tannic puppets here, orchestra. They're actually not satanic at all. It's a project of local Mike Buck Miller, AKA the professor and his robot SPO 20, who is actually the front person and singer blackmailer writes the lyrics. And then he uses this really old text to speech software to create SPO twenties voice. So the melodies and the cadence, it's all created by this text to speech. And that software went out of business in 1997. So it's definitely a unique and retro sound. And once he has the lyrics, buck Miller will build the rest of the composition around those vocals. Their latest album is called race to space and it follows in the footsteps of all their other themed recent albums. There's one that was a grocery shopping themed one from a few years back. And this one's all about outer space. I personally love the track. Wait-lists there's a lot of space nerdery here, but also a little bit of existentialism and some pretty amazing insight into the human condition. All thanks to a robot close

Speaker 1: 08:24 That's weightless from satanic puppeteer orchestra. You can find links to stream or buy all of these tracks, plus a Spotify And I've been speaking with KPBS arts editor and producer Julia Dixon Evans. Julia, thank you so much. Thank you, Maureen.

Speaker 3: 08:55 [inaudible].

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