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LATEST UPDATES: Tracking COVID-19 | Transfer Of Power | Racial Justice

The Consequences Of Reopening San Diego Too Soon, Sheriff Says No Ground To Charge KKK-Style Hooded Man, And Pandemic Changing Office Culture

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An infectious disease specialist talks about testing for COVID-19 in San Diego and whether it’s too soon to reopen the county. Also, there has been a rise in hate speech during the pandemic, but the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department said a Santee man seen wearing a KKK-style hood did not violate any laws. Plus, higher education is facing tough challenges, but a program for prison inmates and those recently released has unique problems during the pandemic. And, eventually people will return to work but office culture will likely change. Designers are thinking about how workers will use the post-pandemic office space and how it will look. Finally, a senior citizen in City Heights is embracing her musical side while quarantining.

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