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KPBS Channel Options

How do I access KPBS 2, KPBS Create, and KPBS Kids?

For people without cable, all services are available via free, terrestrial television broadcast. All you need is an antenna. You may need to re-scan the channels on your TV in order to get the new channels over the air.

Over-the-air channel designations are:
KPBS – Channel 15.1
KPBS 2 – Channel 15.2
KPBS Create – Channel 15.3
KPBS Kids – Channel 15.4

KPBS-TV will continue as is, with no changes to its line- up or scheduled offerings at:
Cox Cable at 1011
Spectrum at 1221

Cox Cable has assigned the new KPBS channel options beginning January 18, 2017:
KPBS-2: Cox 811
KPBS Create: Cox 816
KPBS Kids: Cox 809

Spectrum has assigned the new KPBS channel options beginning February 14, 2017:
KPBS 2 – 1277
KPBS Create – 1275
KPBS Kids - 1276

What is the KPBS 2 channel?

KPBS 2 offers award-winning and original nonfiction content that connects viewers to today's news headlines, scientific advances, historic revelations, natural wonders, and personal stories along with exclusive dramas and encore presentations of the best that PBS has to offer. Series presented on KPBS 2 include “American ReFramed,” “Independent Lens,” “POV,” “Secrets of the Dead,” and “American Masters,” among others. The primetime line-up will be locally scheduled and will feature the best of KPBS original content including “KPBS Evening Edition,” “KPBS Spectrum,” “the Roundtable,” and selections from KPBS Explore.

Will KPBS provide a program guide or listing for these new channel options?

Yes. All channel program information is accessible at

Does KPBS have other TV channels?

Additional channel options from KPBS include: KPBS Create and KPBS Kids. All three channels are available as of January 18, 2017.

I have Spectrum, Dish, DirecTV, or U-verse TV. How can I find the new channels on those TV services?

On Spectrum, the KPBS channels are located at 1221 (for KPBS), 1277 (for KPBS 2), 1275 (for KPBS Create), and 1276 (for KPBS Kids).

If you are a customer of Direct TV, Dish or AT&T, KPBS' multicast channels are not currently available via these carriers. However, no public TV multicast channels are being carried by these providers anywhere in the U.S. - so its not just San Diego.

If you have access to an antenna, this is one way you can receive KPBS' additional channels. With an antenna you can view KPBS' primary channel on 15, KPBS-2 on 15.2, Create on 15.3 and KPBS Kids on 15.4.

Moving forward, KPBS will continue to work with our public television leadership to encourage these non-cable television providers to offer public media multicast channels in all US markets.

What is the Create channel?

Create TV is public television’s most-watched lifestyle channel, seen annually by 46 million viewers. KPBS Create presents the best educational and entertaining public television series— from America’s Test Kitchen to Rick Steves’ Europe to This Old House. On the weekends, KPBS Create will air themed marathons featuring 12 hand-picked episodes centered on a specific holiday, host, or event.

What is the KPBS Kids channel?

The KPBS Kids channel supports the station’s mission to provide curriculum based entertainment through its broadcast and digital platforms. KPBS Kids will present educational children’s shows 24 hours a day, making it easy for San Diego area children to watch their favorite series during primetime and other non-school hours when viewing among families is high. Programs aired on KPBS Kids include popular favorites such as “Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood,” “Odd Squad,” “Wild Kratts,” and “Dinosaur Train;” PBS Kids’ newest series “Splash and Bubbles,” “Nature Cat,” and “Ready Jet Go!” will also be featured.

Will there be any changes to the programs featured on your main channel, KPBS TV (15.1)?

The new channel options do not replace the current line-up of kids, how-to or non-fiction programming on the station’s primary channel, 15.1 (Cox 1011). KPBS TV will continue to offer PBS kids during the day, KPBS Evening Edition, and signature series like MASTERPIECE THEATRE, Antiques Roadshow, and Nova.