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KPBS Channel Options


How do I access KPBS 2, KPBS Create, and KPBS Kids?


For people without cable, all services are available via free, terrestrial television broadcast. All you need is an antenna. You may need to re-scan the channels on your TV in order to get the new channels over the air.

Over-the-air channel designations are:
KPBS – Channel 15.1
KPBS 2 – Channel 15.2
KPBS Create – Channel 15.3
KPBS Kids – Channel 15.4

KPBS-TV will continue as is, with no changes to its line- up or scheduled offerings at:
Cox Cable at 1011
Spectrum at 1221

Cox Cable has assigned the new KPBS channel options beginning January 18, 2017:
KPBS-2: Cox 811
KPBS Create: Cox 816
KPBS Kids: Cox 809

Spectrum has assigned the new KPBS channel options beginning February 14, 2017:
KPBS 2 – 1277
KPBS Create – 1275
KPBS Kids - 1276