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KPBS Channel Options


I have Spectrum, Dish, DirecTV, or U-verse TV. How can I find the new channels on those TV services?


On Spectrum, the KPBS channels are located at 1221 (for KPBS), 1277 (for KPBS 2), 1275 (for KPBS Create), and 1276 (for KPBS Kids).

If you are a customer of Direct TV, Dish or AT&T, KPBS' multicast channels are not currently available via these carriers. However, no public TV multicast channels are being carried by these providers anywhere in the U.S. - so its not just San Diego.

If you have access to an antenna, this is one way you can receive KPBS' additional channels. With an antenna you can view KPBS' primary channel on 15, KPBS-2 on 15.2, Create on 15.3 and KPBS Kids on 15.4.

Moving forward, KPBS will continue to work with our public television leadership to encourage these non-cable television providers to offer public media multicast channels in all US markets.