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Incoming is a series that tells true stories from the lives of America's military — told in their own words, straight from their own mouths.

Produced by KPBS and So Say We All, a literary and performing arts nonprofit, Incoming features voices of people from all walks of life associated with the armed forces. We feel it's necessary to hear these voices for civilians to better understand who their military is and what they've done.

This series showcases the raw, honest voices of men and women who have served in every capacity and branch of the military. We aim not only to entertain, but to establish common ground.

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Season 2


11. Eat The Apple

Matt Young is an Iraq war veteran. He enlisted in the Marine Corps at age 18, after driving drunk into a fire hydrant. That jolt convinced him that he needed to find direction in his life and, in his own words, "man up." What follows is a brutal, self-aware story about being a victim and perpetrator of abuse, feeling pressure to tell lies he thought civilians wanted to hear, and absurdist snapshots of war that most other accounts gloss over. Contributor: Matt Young. His debut novel is "Eat The Apple."


Trailer, Incoming Season 2

We're back! The show featuring real stories told by your military returns August 3. Be sure to subscribe — and strap in for Season 2.


Season 1


10. The Undesirables

What happens when your identity feels incompatible with your service? In this episode: "Don't ask don't tell." A Marine's mental health secret.


9. All That’s Really Worth Doing...

... is what we do for others. Brian sits on watch. Mariah jumps through hoops.


8. Unstuck In Time

The phenomenon of flashbacks.


7. The Abyss Also Gazes

Certain people have unique insights about the process of staring into the abyss — and climbing back out of it. In this episode we hear form a combat medic, sailors, and visual artists.


6. Aftershocks

Sometimes the quickest moments have the longest effects. In this episode we hear from three performers who lived through literal and figurative aftershocks.


5. What’s Lost At Sea

In this episode, we hear from service members who spent a lot of their time on the water, and what happened there that impacted the rest of their lives.


4. Invasions

Invasion can be both psychological and literal. We’re very lucky to be able pair up two people who dealt with invasion and served together at the same time in Iraq — but from very different places.


3. Time is a River...

... and you are standing in it. This episode features three veterans telling one story: before 9/11; a deployment in Iraq; leaving the service.


2. Souvenirs

What happens when overseas comes home with you — and finds a way to reappear in your life when you least expect it?


1. Our Reasons

Why are we doing this show? To ask questions, hear stories and learn who our military is, and what their lives are like. You’ll hear from professional writers and performers, as well as fascinating individuals we’ve met who just have great stories to tell.


Trailer, Incoming

Incoming is a podcast from the KPBS Explore Project about military life. Full season coming soon.