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Camille von Kaenel

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Nathan Rakov finds shelter during a rainstorm o...

Proposed Bill Would Give California Farmers Last-Resort Option For Fire Insurance

April 5
By Camille von Kaenel / inewsource

State lawmakers are moving forward with a bill that would give farmers in high fire risk areas like San Diego County’s backcountry an insurance option if no company is willing to cover them.

Old Highway 80 is shown as it runs through Jacu...

Jacumba Residents Fear 650-Acre Solar Project Will Ruin Their Rural Community

March 22
By Camille von Kaenel / inewsource

The tiny community of Jacumba Hot Springs in southeastern San Diego County could soon be dwarfed by nearly 650 acres of solar panels at the edge of town, but residents are fighting the project.

Burn scars from the Valley Fire are seen from H...

Few Fire Insurance Options Left For San Diego County Farmers

Feb. 15
By Camille von Kaenel / inewsource

Our partners at inewsource say an Alpine chicken rancher got a denial last year from California’s last-resort fire insurance plan. It was a surprise that launched a statewide push to change the law.

Emergency responders are shown at Steele Canyon...

Wildfire Evacuations Amid COVID-19 Restrictions Proved Challenging Last Year

Jan. 11
By Camille von Kaenel / inewsource

Our partners at inewsource say an after-action report on the Valley Fire shows how COVID-19 complicated the disaster response. An evacuation any larger would have required calling in more workers to staff multiple group shelters.

Two visitors wear face shields and masks while ...

Tribal Casinos Keep COVID-19 Details Private While Juggling Economics, Safety

Oct. 16, 2020
By Camille von Kaenel / inewsource, Jennifer Bowman / inewsource

Tribal leaders said they needed the revenue from casinos to fund essential government functions and created strict policies to reopen early in the pandemic. But our partners at inewsource say some workers have raised safety concerns.

From left, Cindy Luster, Alfredo Gomez and Char...

New COVID-19 Funding Now Available For San Diego County Farmers

Sept. 24, 2020
By Camille von Kaenel / inewsource

A lobbying effort made it possible for growers of the region’s most lucrative crops to be able to apply for federal aid initially denied them.

Harrah's Resort Southern California in Valley C...

Ex-Harrah’s Executive Sues After Resigning Over Valley Center Casino Reopening

Sept. 4, 2020
By Camille von Kaenel / inewsource, Jennifer Bowman / inewsource

The county confirmed that 217 local residents who contracted COVID-19 reported visiting a casino within two weeks prior to becoming ill.

The Horse Creek Ridge housing development in Fa...

County Scraps 30% Developer Fee Increase For Rural Fire Stations And Equipment

Aug. 27, 2020
By Camille von Kaenel / inewsource

San Diego County spared housing developers from a hefty increase in the fee they pay to help fund new fire stations in rural areas.

Cal Fire firefighters train at Camp Pendleton F...

San Diego County Sees Uptick In Brush Fires Amid COVID-19 Challenges

July 14, 2020
By Camille von Kaenel / inewsource

Fires are up in San Diego County. In the age of COVID, officials worry if they will have enough firefighters to battle the blazes as peak fire season starts.

Owner Mel Resendiz puts together a bouquet of f...

Many San Diego County Farmers Excluded From Federal COVID-19 Relief Funds

June 22, 2020
By Camille von Kaenel / inewsource

The most valuable crops in San Diego County aren’t eligible for federal COVID-19 relief payments. Specialty growers are making the case they should be.

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