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Students walk on UC San Diego campus in this un...

UCSD Sees Huge Crush Of Students On First Day Of School

Sept. 24
By Harrison Patiño , Maureen Cavanaugh

As students return to UCSD's campus for the fall quarter, university officials say enrollment might be at it's highest in the school's 61-year history.

Grilled Branzino is on the menu at Fort Oak in ...

Michelin Guide Honors 5 San Diego Restaurants

Sept. 21
By Harrison Patiño , Maureen Cavanaugh

Five popular San Diego restaurants have made their way into the new all-California Michelin restaurant guide.

In this March 2, 2021, file photo, pharmacy tec...

Rady's Doctor Reacts To Pfizer Announcement On Vaccine For Children Aged 5-11

Sept. 20
By Harrison Patiño , Jade Hindmon

Recent findings have concluded the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine to be safe for children aged 5-11, according to the two pharmaceutical companies behind its development.

Luchador Romeo trains at X-Gym Thursday, August...

Mexican Wrestling Troupe Brings High Flying Theatrics To Logan Heights

Sept. 16
By Harrison Patiño , Jade Hindmon

A Logan Heights brewery is playing host to a regular showing of Lucha Libre — the high flying traditional sport of Mexican wrestling.

Navy Special Operations Chief Edward Gallagher ...

New Book Recounts Trial, Aftermath Of Controversial Navy SEAL Eddie Gallagher

Sept. 14
By Harrison Patiño , Jade Hindmon

New York Times military correspondent David Philipps explores the controversy surrounding retired U.S. Navy Seal Eddie Gallagher in a new book.

More than 1,700 San Diego Health Care Workers Request Vaccine Exemptions

Sept. 13
By Harrison Patiño , Maureen Cavanaugh

As the deadline looms for state healthcare workers to get vaccinated by the end of the month, more than 1,700 are seeking exemptions primarily based on religious grounds.

The SARS-CoV-2 virus under a microscope in an u...

Expert Cautions Delta Still Biggest Threat As New Variant Emerges

Sept. 9
By Harrison Patiño , Maureen Cavanaugh

While cases of the mu variant continue to be documented across California, leading health officials say that the delta variant is still the primary cause for concern as the pandemic continues.

People line up to buy newspapers on Sept. 12, 2...

How Has Media Coverage Of The 'War On Terror' Changed Since 9/11?

Sept. 8
By Harrison Patiño , Jade Hindmon

In the 20 years since 9/11, American media coverage of the 'war on terror" has changed drastically from initially supportive to deeply critical.

The San Diego Unified School District Board of ...

Midday Edition Special: How Critical Race Theory Became A Topic At School Board Meetings

Sept. 6
By Andrew Bracken, Brooke Ruth, Emilyn Mohebbi, Harrison Patiño , Jade Hindmon, Maureen Cavanaugh

Debate over what is called "critical race theory" continues to be a charged topic at school board meetings across the country.

A man holds a certificate acknowledging his wor...

Interview: Catholic Charities' Role In Resettling Refugees From Afghanistan

Aug. 27
By Harrison Patiño , Jade Hindmon

Humanitarian groups in San Diego are preparing resettlement efforts as refugees continue to pour out of war-torn Afghanistan.

In this March 2021 photo provided by Pfizer, vi...

Scripps Research Director Weighs In On Vaccines, Boosters And The Fourth Wave

Aug. 25
By Harrison Patiño , Jade Hindmon

As public health leaders continue to emphasize the importance of vaccination in fighting the nation's ongoing COVID-19 surge, many Americans are left with questions about the future efficacy of available vaccines.

Kendall-Frost reserve is flooded as King tides ...

Environmental Project Could Lead To Restoration Of Mission Bay Marshland

Aug. 24
By Harrison Patiño , Maureen Cavanaugh

An effort to uncover how much carbon is hidden under Mission Bay could lead to future restoration and redevelopment of the marsh.

Matt Baker makes a public comment at the San Di...

County Supervisors Meeting Devolves Into Name-Calling, Profanity Over Public Health Mandates

Aug. 19
By Harrison Patiño , Jade Hindmon

A recent San Diego County Supervisors meeting turned ugly when a number of protestors levied insults, profanity and vague threats at members of the board over Chair Nathan Fletcher's proposed masking and testing requirements for workplaces, schools and hospitals.

In this photo provided by the French Defense Mi...

Political Scientist: Afghanistan Has Become Vietnam 2.0

Aug. 17
By Harrison Patiño , Jade Hindmon

As the Taliban cements its control over Afghanistan, experts warn that instability will continue to plague the region for the foreseeable future as terror groups could regroup in the war-torn country.

Scripps Mercy Hospital is pictured in Hillcrest...

San Diego Hospitals Stretched Thin By Surge Of Non-COVID Illnesses, Injuries

Aug. 16
By Harrison Patiño , Jade Hindmon

In addition to a wave delta-variant-related COVID cases, San Diego's hospitals are struggling to keep up with a high volume of non-COVID-related hospitalizations.

In this undated photo, Charros and Charras prac...

San Diego Charrerias Preserve Centuries Old Mexican Ranching Tradition

Aug. 10
By Harrison Patiño , Jade Hindmon

With daring feats of horsemanship, traditional music and ornamental outfits, San Diego's charrerias offer visitors a gathering place to celebrate Mexico's centuries-old ranching traditions.

In this Dec. 4, 2018, file photo, birds fly pas...

New Book Analyzes 'High Conflict' Of Divisive Political Issues

Aug. 9
By Harrison Patiño , Jade Hindmon

A new book by journalist and author Amanda Ripley takes aim at how discourse surrounding controversial topics can become toxic.

Inside the Intensive Care Unit of a Scripps hos...

San Diego Seeing Steady Rise In COVID Hospitalizations

Aug. 5
By Harrison Patiño , Jade Hindmon

San Diego is seeing it's number of COVID-related hospitalizations increase, mirroring a nationwide trend as the Delta variant continues to tax the county's medical infrastructure.

The Amazon logo is shown in this undated photo.

Amazon Faces Uphill Hiring Battle In Staffing Otay Mesa Warehouse

Aug. 4
By Harrison Patiño , Jade Hindmon

An Amazon fulfilment center under construction in Otay Mesa is hiring 1,500 workers with a starting pay of $15 an hour - which may present the online retailer with certain challenges given the shifting attitudes on worker compensation in the county.

Cardinal Theodore McCarrick has resigned from t...

Sex Abuse Lawsuit Against Former Cardinal Could Encourage Victims To Seek Help

Aug. 2
By Harrison Patiño , Maureen Cavanaugh

The impending civil sex abuse lawsuit of defrocked Cardinal Theodore McCarrick could lead to more men speaking up about their past sexual trauma.

Masked parents direct their children on the fir...

Scripps Research Director Weighs In On CDC Data That Shows Vaccinated People Can Spread COVID-19

July 30
By Harrison Patiño , Jade Hindmon

An internal document from the CDC indicates that the Delta variant is more transmissible than initially thought, and that infections from the strain are more severe than that of previous variants.

Erica Miller takes a photo in Chicano Park, Nov...

Exploring The 'X' in Latinx: A Conversation On Identity

July 29
By Cristina Kim, Harrison Patiño

The term "Latinx" has been used increasingly in recent years to describe the Latin-American community as a whole within the United States.

A sign warning people to wear masks due to COVI...

Concerns Over Latest Surge Giving Some 'COVID Whiplash'

July 27
By Harrison Patiño , Jade Hindmon

A new spike in COVID infections is causing concerned San Diegans to revisit their pandemic anxieties.

Encinitas resident Lisa Nava poses for a photo ...

Encinitas Mother Of Addiction Victim Says Opioid Settlement Doesn't Hold Drug Companies Accountable

July 26
By Harrison Patiño , Maureen Cavanaugh

An Encinitas woman who lost her son to opioid addiction in 2019 says that the recently announced $26 billion settlement involving four major producers of prescription opioids doesn't truly hold the pharmaceutical giants accountable.

Surfer Carissa Moore, of the United States, lea...

Surfing Debut At Summer Olympics Resurfaces Issues Over Native Hawaiian Cultural Appropriation

July 21
By Cristina Kim, Harrison Patiño

While surfing fans are rejoicing, some are raising concerns that what was originally a Native Hawaiian cultural practice has been co-opted into a multi-billion dollar industry.

A screenshot from a broadcast of

U-T's New Bilingual News Program To Spotlight Issues Important To Latinos

July 20
By Harrison Patiño , Maureen Cavanaugh

A news magazine developed by The San Diego Union-Tribune and The Los Angeles Times premiered on Sunday. It will offer bilingual coverage to San Diego County's Latino population in a one-a-month broadcast that will also be available to stream online.

In this March 2, 2021, file photo, a woman, wea...

What Inequities Do Latinas Face In San Diego's Workforce?

July 12
By Harrison Patiño , Jade Hindmon

Latinas in San Diego's workforce faced a disproportionately high number of obstacles in retaining or finding employment throughout the pandemic.

In this May 18, 2021, file photo, a teacher, ce...

What Are The Biggest Lies And Omissions From Your American History Education?

July 9
By Harrison Patiño

What were you taught that you found out later to be wrong or what lessons were omitted from your American history education?

The orange haze covering the San Diego skyline ...

Report Underscores Need For Climate Resilience In San Diego Region

July 7
By Harrison Patiño , Jade Hindmon

A recent report by the American Planning Association and Scripps Institution of Oceanography emphasizes the need for better coordination from the region's institutions in preparing for worsening climate change.

This Aug. 18, 2017, photo provided by the U.S. ...

San Diego Saw Sharp Increase In Fentanyl Deaths Throughout Pandemic Lockdowns

July 7
By Harrison Patiño , Maureen Cavanaugh

San Diego saw a sharp increase in fentanyl related deaths during the region's COVID lockdowns in particular.

Homeless tents are shown lined up downtown Dieg...

Report Outlines Recommendations To Address Worsening San Diego Homelessness Situation

July 6
By Harrison Patiño , Maureen Cavanaugh

A comprehensive report on San Diego's worsening homelessness situation has identified the need for more affordable housing, among a number of other recommendations, to Mayor Todd Gloria's administration.

Oscar Tavera bikes through Teralta Park in City...

New Park Proposal Looks To Incentivize Affordable Housing Development

June 30
By Andrew Bowen, Harrison Patiño

A new city parks proposal that hopes to revitalize the city's overlooked parks also will incentivize developers to build more affordable housing in the process.

The San Diego Unified School District headquart...

San Diego Unified Ethnic Studies Expansion Sparks Debate Over How Race Taught In Schools

June 24
By Harrison Patiño , Jade Hindmon

The San Diego Unified School Board voted unanimously to fund an expansion of ethnic studies and anti-racism training, prompting some debate in the community over how much racism should be confronted in the classroom.

People take the oath of allegiance to become U....

Biden Administration Grants Legal Protections For Pending U-Visa Applicants

June 22
By Harrison Patiño , Maureen Cavanaugh

A new Biden administration policy grants legal protections for undocumented immigrants to ease deportation concerns when reporting crimes within the U.S.

A San Diego Mesa College building is shown, May...

SDCC District Chancellor Reflects On Career Ahead Of Retirement

June 22
By Andrew Bowen, Harrison Patiño

As San Diego Community College District Chancellor Constance Carroll prepares for retirement at the end of the month, she looks ahead to some of the key issues that face community colleges across the nation.

A disposable face mask discarded on a hiking tr...

With The State Reopen But Herd Immunity Not Met, What Is The COVID-19 Infection Risk?

June 16
By Harrison Patiño , Jade Hindmon

As many California residents prepare for a mask-free summer, some are wondering how the end of the state's tiered reopening will affect herd immunity goals.

Fans toss their Chargers gear and memorabilia i...

How Has San Diego's Sports Scene Faired Since The Chargers Left?

June 16
By Harrison Patiño , Jade Hindmon

In the more than four years since the Chargers moved to Los Angeles, there have been a few clear winners in the local sports scene.

San Diego's skyline is shown in this undated ph...

Watchdog Report Uncovers Culture Of Harassment, Discrimination At San Diego's Largest Employers

June 14
By Claire Trageser, Harrison Patiño

An investigation by The San Diego Union-Tribune has revealed a pervasive culture of sexual harassment and discrimination among some of the county's largest employers.

Students in a modified classroom for COVID-19 s...

Kids Too Young For COVID-19 Vaccines? Here's What's Safe And What Is Not

June 10
By Harrison Patiño , Jade Hindmon

While parents await further guidance on vaccinating children under 12, many are wondering what social precautions must be taken as California prepares to reopen on June 15.

In this 1999 photo, Lifeguard Ed Vodrazka surve...

Torrey Pines Lifeguard Reflects On 46 Year Career

June 7
By Harrison Patiño , Maureen Cavanaugh

In a new book, a newly retired state lifeguard recalls the highlights and lessons learn from nearly 50 years in the profession.

In this undated photo, Eryn Alexandra stares at...

How Does Black Identity In San Diego Differ From Other Cities?

June 3
By Harrison Patiño , Jade Hindmon

"_____ While Black" interrogates the fraught notion of Black identity in San Diego through the firsthand testimony of several San Diegans

In this undated photo, a display of mannequin h...

Social Justice Project Explores How Colorism Affects Race Relations

June 2
By Harrison Patiño , Jade Hindmon

"Not The Typical Racism" explores the role colorism has played in creating tension within communities of color.

A cactus is pictured in Joshua Tree National Pa...

Climate Change Shifts How We Protect National Parks

May 31
By Harrison Patiño , Jade Hindmon

The National Parks Service has issued new guidance on how best to prioritize conservation efforts in the face of intensifying climate change.

Members of the Kumeyaay Nation march to the Tec...

Social Justice Reporting Project Spotlights Unheard Voices Across San Diego

May 31
By Harrison Patiño , Jade Hindmon

A new multimedia series by The San Diego Union-Tribune spotlights social justice reporting across San Diego.

A female loggerhead turtle sets off to lay eggs...

Researchers Discover Highly Social Group Of Turtles Off La Jolla Shores

May 27
By Harrison Patiño , Maureen Cavanaugh

To the pleasant surprise of marine biologists, a group of highly social turtles has been discovered living year-round off the coast of La Jolla.

San Diego's Lincoln High School is pictured in ...

Open Letter From City Council Member Stirs Controversy Around Lincoln High School

May 24
By Harrison Patiño , Jade Hindmon

A letter written by a San Diego City Council member addressed to San Diego Unified leadership has raised concerns over a number of issues Lincoln High School.

GI Film Festival San Diego Logo for Virtual Eve...

'A War On Friendly Grounds' Brings Black Military Experience To GI Film Festival

May 19
By Harrison Patiño , Jade Hindmon

In this year's GI Film Festival, a number of films shine a light on the unique perspective of Black experience in the military.

A sign on the edge of the land in Oceanside whe...

Oceanside Housing Development Ruling Could Have Statewide Implications On Future Projects

May 18
By Harrison Patiño , Maureen Cavanaugh

A San Diego Superior Court ruling that overturned an Oceanside ballot initiative could have widespread consequences on housing development in the state.

A sign advertising Conrad Villas apartments is ...

Massive Real Estate Deal Prompts Concerns Over Rising Rent, Affordable Housing

May 13
By Harrison Patiño , Maureen Cavanaugh

The sweeping, county-wide purchase of dozens of San Diego apartment complexes by a massive New York-based private equity company is prompting concern from some residents over whether or not the properties will remain affordable.

Author Christine Paik reads her book

New Children's Book Celebrates Korean Heritage And Tradition

May 12
By Harrison Patiño , Jade Hindmon

A new children's book by a San Diego author celebrates Korean American identity in a tale of inter-generational family pride and tradition.

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