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KPBS Reviews Scientific Plot Devices in Monthly Book Podcast

April 3, 2019
By KPBS Staff

KPBS is premiering “Device” on April 3. The new monthly podcast discusses books with a science-based twist. The show is available now for download on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play and other podcast players.

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Business Report: Fed Holds Off Interest Rate Hikes

March 22
By Ebone Monet, KPBS Staff

A San Diego startup tries to protect online communities from fake content, the San Diego real estate market proves to be a tough one for first-time home buyers and the Federal Reserve keeps interest rates unchanged.

KPBS Explores the Border with a New Podcast

March 20, 2019
By KPBS Staff

KPBS has launched “Only Here,” a new podcast about the place where San Diego and Tijuana meet. The show is available now for download on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play and other podcast players.

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Roundtable: The Lengthy Court Process Of Evicting Squatters

March 8
By KPBS Staff

A look at the lengthy court process of evicting squatters; San Diego Unified School District and Sweetwater Union High School District announced layoffs in the past week; and the federal government is tracking journalists and activists working with the migrant caravans.

‘Dr J’s’ Investigates How a 2003 Gang Shooting Changed a San Diego Neighborhood

Feb. 19, 2019
By KPBS Staff

Just after midnight on New Year's 2003, two women and two young children were on their way home from church. They stopped at Dr J's Liquor in Lincoln Park to buy a fireplace log. What happened next is at the center of a new KPBS six-part investigation examining a crime that caused an area of San Diego to take action. The series, titled “Dr J’s,” will release one episode a day, February 20-22, and February 25-27.

Rescan Day for San Diego County is March 26

Feb. 9, 2019
By KPBS Staff

KPBS is moving frequencies on March 26, 2019. As a result, viewers who watch TV for free with an over-the-air antenna must rescan their TVs on March 26 after 12 pm to continue watching all four KPBS stations.

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After 28 Years, KPBS Unveils New Logo

Jan. 14
By KPBS Staff

Nearly 30 years after KPBS rolled out its iconic four-color logo, the public media station unveiled a new logo on Monday.

KPBS Starts 2019 with a New Look

Jan. 14, 2019
By KPBS Staff

KPBS has revealed a new logo for the first time in 28 years. This is the seventh logo for KPBS since it first went on air in 1960. The former logo had been in place since 1991.

KPBS Announces New Midday Edition Co-host

Nov. 16, 2018
By KPBS Staff

KPBS has announced Jade Hindmon is joining Maureen Cavanaugh as co-host of KPBS Midday Edition beginning Monday, November 19, 2018.

KPBS Premieres New Season of “Historic Places with Elsa Sevilla: California’s History”

Oct. 4, 2018
By KPBS Staff

“Historic Places with Elsa Sevilla” debuts Thursday nights at 9 p.m. beginning October 18, 2018 with five new episodes on KPBS. The episodes examine the encounter between the Indigenous People of the Kumeyaay Nation and the Spanish settlers in 1769 and its impact on the region 250 years later.

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