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Zoë Meyers

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Navy veteran Larry McMinn is pictured at the Ka...

Veterans Voices: Navy Vet’s ‘Unbearable’ Situation With The San Diego VA

Sept. 10
By Brad Racino / inewsource, Zoë Meyers / inewsource

Navy veteran Larry McMinn shares how ketamine treatments affect his depression and what it’s like to fight for health care under the VA.

Marine veteran Kiaya Bender undergoes ketamine ...

Veterans Voices: ‘I’m Scared That What They’re Doing Won’t Be Enough’

Sept. 2
By Zoë Meyers / inewsource

Last October, the San Diego VA notified Kadima Neuropsychiatry Institute in La Jolla that it would not renew authorizations for veterans to receive ketamine treatments there.

Tease photo for Veterans Voices: 'Things Just Felt Me...

Veterans Voices: 'Things Just Felt Meaningless,' Marine Veteran Says

Aug. 21
By Zoë Meyers / inewsource

Kiaya Bender is one of the dozens of veterans who the San Diego VA sent to Kadima Neuropsychiatry Institute in La Jolla to receive ketamine treatments for depression.

Marine veteran Kiaya Bender is shown at his hom...

Veterans Voices: San Diego County Veterans Share Their Healthcare Struggles

Aug. 5
By Brad Racino / inewsource, Zoë Meyers / inewsource

The San Diego VA has for years referred veterans suffering from depression and suicidal thoughts for ketamine treatment. Despite the treatment's success, the VA is ending the program and switching patients to a different drug treatment.

Thousands gather in Hillcrest near the Pride Fl...

Images Of San Diego Protesters Raising Their Voices Against Police Violence

June 8
By Cody Dulaney / inewsource, Zoë Meyers / inewsource

A week of protests throughout San Diego County over the killing of George Floyd by a Minneapolis police officer was capped Saturday with more demonstrations calling for law enforcement and other government institutions to change how they treat African Americans and all people of color.

A protester does back handsprings in front of a...

Photos: The Protests George Floyd’s Killing Sparked In San Diego

June 1
By Zoë Meyers / inewsource

I moved to San Diego last year when I joined inewsource, so I don’t profess to have deep knowledge of the history of protests in the city. But I have covered other protests in the past decade, including Occupy and Black Lives Matters demonstrations in Oakland.

Volunteer Idalia Borquez hands out meals in Cal...

In Imperial County, Nonprofits Struggle To Serve Homeless During COVID-19

April 24
By Jennifer Bowman / inewsource, Zoë Meyers / inewsource

Nonprofits serving the most vulnerable in Imperial County say they’re seeing fewer volunteers and face financial uncertainty because of the coronavirus — all while demand for their services remains high.

Healthcare staffers at La Maestra Community Hea...

City Heights’ La Maestra Health Clinic Adapts During COVID-19 Pandemic

April 19
By Zoë Meyers / inewsource

At La Maestra Community Health Centers’ facility in City Heights, the clinic has limited the services it provides in person, but it remains open to serve its patients whose incomes are at or below poverty level.

David Haworth looks into the supply hold of one...

Economics Of Coronavirus Slam California’s Commercial Fishermen, Including In San Diego

March 25
By Brad Racino / inewsource, Zoë Meyers / inewsource

Coronavirus isn’t the first thing to test the fortitude of San Diego’s commercial fishermen.

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