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California Medial Facility

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Video Transcript:

[sound of prison doors closing] [Music: "Time sits through the hourglass through night and day. And I watch as the games people play."] RICHARD LAURANZANO (Inmate): They didn’t give you life without. They didn’t give you the death penalty. They gave you 25 to life or 15 to life. That means you get out. ANGELO CHAVEZ (Inmate): Hoping they give me a compassionate release. For them to take care of me it's costing probably in the thousands a day keeping me here. CLARK KELSO (Prison Health Care Receiver): Possibility of having such things as medical parole for older inmates with chronic conditions whose release to a private medical facility would not pose a risk to public safety. HARRIET SALARNO (Crime Victims California): Why they are in prison, ok, these are heinous crimes that they’ve committed. They are not rehabilitated. DR. JOSEPH BICK (Chief Medical Director CMF): People have very strong opinions on both sides of this discussion. And certainly people who have been victims personally or their family members of some very heinous crimes from some of the people who live in this facility and the strongly feel that it doesn’t matter how old somebody gets or how sick they get or what their likelihood of reoffending is, they should spend the rest of their life in prison. LAURANZANO: And there are a lot of guys like that, 70s, 75. They are no danger to anybody, not even using me now, they’re no danger, I mean they’re no danger but they’re still in prison.