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Veverly Anderson

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Hello, I’m Pierre Habis of Union Bank. Diversity is one of Union Bank’s most closely held values. This is why we are proud to honor Local Heroes in celebration of Black History Month. Now, let’s meet one of our honorees. VEVERLY ANDERSON: I’m Veverly Anderson and I’m the community coordinator for the Town and Country Learning Center. We do community events. We do classes. And we are primarily here for the kids; a place to do there homework, use the internet, and things of that nature. Well, what I’m trying to help the children to achieve is I want them to think bigger than the area that they live in, that there’s a whole world out there waiting for them to discover. So that then they go off to higher education, or they go off to a job that they become leaders instead of followers, and they become doers instead of just taking up space. SOT Veverly to boy: "Did you know what college they went to?" ANDERSON: I’m a big believer in letting these kids know that the little bitty things that they do – I celebrate those like they’re huge accomplishments. So that when they have their children they’ll do the same thing. Just thinking bigger than where we are right now, that’s what I want. That’s the achievement that I want the kids to think. That you know what? I can do anything I want to do. Anything. ANNOUNCER: This moment has been made possible by Union Bank in partnership with KPBS