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Brandie Taylor

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Hello, I'm Pierre Habis of Union Bank. Diversity is one of our most closely held values. this is why we're proud to honor local heroes in celebration of Native American Heritage Month. Let's meet one of our honorees. I'm Brandie Taylor and I'm the Vice-Chair Woman of the Iipay Nation of the Santa Ysabel. We're one of the twelve Kumeyaay tribes. When I was about 28 my grandmother said 'what are you going to do for the tribe?' So I said okay, I'll go on some committees. And then she finally said you need to run for office, and I won (laugh). I have a business degree, whatever I can do with contracts and finance. I put whatever I can into it. I feel I continue to do the things I do in her honor. I love the fact that my son will be able to see that I've done this work and I hope he continues on in my path. I'm not learning just for myself I'm learning for a thousand tribal members. Whatever I gain I'm bringing back to a lot of people. This moment has been made possible by Union Bank in partnership with KPBS.