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An audio journey through the lives and discoveries of San Diego's raddest scientists — researchers pushing the frontiers of human knowledge.

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Season 2

Rad Scientist Ep. 8: Body Odor, It's Not The Pits

Why do armpits smell? And how can be make them smell better? Chris Callewaert, also known as "Dr. Armpit," thinks he's solved this vapor caper.

Rad Scientist Ep. 7: Sounds of the Sea

When you listen to the ocean, you realize that there is a whole world of sound that our ears aren't made to hear. Goldie Phillips tells us what we can hear off the waters of San Diego, and what is threatening the rich soundscape of the Pacific Ocean.

Rad Scientist: The Sequel (Trailer for Season 2)

New episodes of the show are coming your way starting Jan. 30. Season 2 is full of rad scientists. Here are some things you can expect; strange sounds, facts about bacteria you wish you hadn't learned, exciting underwater moments and exciting existential moments. Subscribe now and tell a friend to subscribe, too.

Season 1

Rad Short: The March For Science

We're coming back! Season 2 is in the works. While we get that ready, enjoy this shorty episode on the March for Science.

Rad Scientist Ep. 6: The Fungus Among Us | Sinem Beyhan

Sinem Beyhan studies an infectious fungus that lives in soil. With no vaccine and very few available treatments, the disease can be deadly to humans. So Sinem is on a mission to hit the fungus where it hurts.

Rad Scientist Ep. 5: We Are All Made Of Stars | Robert Quimby

Robert Quimby decides between becoming a rock star — or studying them.

Rad Scientist Ep. 4: Hotter Than The Sun | Cami Collins

Cami Collins was a small town girl with a dream to be a physicist. Now, she handles particles ten times hotter than the sun! Her goal is to create a new energy source for future generations.

Rad Scientist Ep. 3: The Eiffel Tower Of Synthesis | Phil Baran

Can molecules from San Diego's coast be tomorrow's cancer medicine? That's what Philip Baran is trying to figure out. He hopes to synthesize life-saving molecules mother nature has been producing for eons.

Rad Scientist Ep. 2: In The Shoes Of A Plant | Liang Song

Liang Song is working hard to save her best friends: plants. She's trying to make them stronger. Like, strong enough to withstand a statewide drought.

Rad Scientist Ep. 1: The Killing Zone For Sperm | Pascal Gagneux

The female reproductive system and jungles of Africa face foreign invaders. In this episode, we follow San Diego scientist Pascal Gagneux through these environments, and find out more about their intruders.

Trailer, Rad Scientist

Rad Scientist is a podcast from KPBS that explores one of the largest research hubs in the country. Here, the scientist becomes the subject. Season premieres Oct. 25, 2017. The show is an audio journey through the lives and discoveries of San Diego's raddest scientists — researchers pushing the frontiers of human knowledge. This season, you'll hear from the region's experts in sperm, plants, stars and nuclear physics.

The Creator

Margot Wohl hails from Bel Air, Maryland which is not the Bel Air to which the Fresh Prince is heir.

In addition to producing audio stories, she is pursuing a PhD in neuroscience at UC San Diego in a Salk Institute laboratory. Her research centers on how brain cells and the molecules they exchange give rise to aggressive behaviors in fruit flies.

You can sometimes find her late at night in the laboratory inspecting and photographing insects she finds (#insectagram).

Margot wants to make sure everyone can feel as amazed by science as she is — which is why she started producing audio stories for the Salk Institute, and now for KPBS.

You can connect with Margot and the Rad Scientist crew at:

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