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Roland Lizarondo
Late owner Robert Scott helped build a community that supported the comic book store through multiple hurdles, even a pandemic.
  • This special bonus episode features some moments we couldn’t fit into our 1st season including details from Dr. Tayari Howard's family legacy as Black pioneers in the broadcast industry. Plus we close out with an unreleased song from painter/rap-artist KILLCRey.Music: • DJ GarGar • Tres ‘Sojourn’ Hodgens • KillCrey - It’s Just, Claustrophobic Remix (feat Hollow Visions)Guests: • Radio Personality Dr. Tayari Howard • Professor Roy Whitaker • Rap Icon Myka9 Credits: Parker Edison (Host), Kurt Kohnen (Co-creator), Chris Reyes (Head Editor) and Tres ”Sojourn” Hodgens (Music Supervisor)
  • We take a trip into the archives to revisit some of the memorable KPBS Roundtable segments from 2021.
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A collection of stories about the history and people of the area we call home. Ranging over all of San Diego County, the stories often deal with little known things about our past, and how they relate to places we see every day. Almost every thing, and every place in San Diego has some kind of story behind it.