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Elmont, New York (UBS Arena) May 20, 2022: Fans gather from around the world to see pop star Harry Styles perform at the UBS Arena on Friday afternoon.
Lanna Apisukh for NPR
Thousands of fans traveled to see the pop star perform.
  • Two new and highly contagious COVID-19 variants have been detected in San Diego. This comes as more than 1,500 new COVID-19 cases were reported in the county Wednesday – the highest one-day number reported since February. And, one of the most competitive races in San Diego's June 7 primary election is the race for City Council District 2. Incumbent Jen Campbell faces five challengers. Finally, San Diego’s parks will come alive with public art this weekend. The civic initiative Park Social grew out of a desire to offer local artists financial support during uncertain times. We have details on some of the projects that will be on display.
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