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About Us

The KPBS Mission

KPBS provides stories that make us think, help us dream, and keep us connected.

The KPBS Vision

KPBS connects, reflects and serves all of our communities with trusted programming and dialogue.

KPBS News Mission Statement

KPBS news serves the people of the San Diego region with trustworthy, in-depth information that allows the community to hold its leaders accountable. We show how global and local current affairs change our lives, and how San Diego changes the world. We tell you more than just what is happening—we tell you why. KPBS follows the Public Media Code of Integrity and the NPR Ethics Guidelines.


Relationship with San Diego State University

KPBS’ television license is held by the California State University Board of Trustees. Our FM license is held by San Diego State University. KPBS was founded in 1960 (as KEBS) on the campus of San Diego State University (then San Diego State College). KPBS remains a vital part of the University with our broadcast facilities housed on campus. The KPBS General Manager reports to the President of the University. However, to preserve the trust and integrity KPBS has earned over the decades, the KPBS news operation maintains strict editorial independence from Management, SDSU and corporate underwriters and donors. “KPBS TV and FM are licensed to the Board of Trustees of the California State University (the "CSU") for San Diego State University ("SDSU" or the "University"). KQVO FM is licensed to the State of California on behalf of the University. San Diego State University Research Foundation ("SDSU Research Foundation"), a not-for-profit California corporation, is an auxiliary organization of the CSU, which under a service agreement provides financial accounting and administrative support to the Stations and includes all of the Stations’ accounts, except for certain capital assets, University cash, notes payable and related interest and expenses related to certain State employees in its financial statements. KPBS is a department of the University.” KPBS' Audited Financial Statement, 2020

Our Partners

KPBS collaborates with Investigative Newsource for investigative projects. The Investigative Newsource staff works in the KPBS newsroom and teams up with KPBS reporters on various projects. This partnership is a vital part of our editorial strategy and allows KPBS to report on issues and stories with the data and resources needed to conduct thorough investigations. In addition, KPBS partners with 10 News San Diego for breaking news and video. KPBS also works with Voice of San Diego on certain projects, most notably the Speak City Heights Project – a media collaborative aimed at amplifying the voices of residents in one of San Diego’s most diverse neighborhoods. KPBS Frequently Asked Questions.

Partner Logos, left to right: iNewsource, ABC10 News, Voice of San Diego and Speak

KPBS Public Media


KPBS television offers programming for all ages. Starting with a full line-up of the most well-researched children's educational programs - like the time-honored SESAME STREET to CURIOUS GEORGE. Add to that KPBS' award-winning news and public affairs programs - including EVENING EDITION and PBS NEWSHOUR, as well as featured local programs that highlight the San Diego community and its culture, people, neighborhoods and issues. KPBS also boasts some of the most critically acclaimed documentary, drama and entertainment programs throughout the week - including MASTERPIECE, FRONTLINE, NOVA, and AMERICAN EXPERIENCE.

Radio 89.5 FM (97.7 FM Calexico)

Serving the San Diego and Imperial Counties with the largest full service radio news team - featuring local newscasts throughout the day as well as KPBS' signature locally produced programs: KPBS MORNING EDITION and KPBS MIDDAY EDITION. KPBS' local radio content is complemented by insightful national news magazine and public affairs programs - including FRESH AIR WITH TERRY GROSS and MARKETPLACE. All of KPBS' offerings - local and national - engage listeners by offering fresh perspectives and clear analysis.


KPBS’ digital platforms provide visitors with the day’s news stories and features from a local, regional, national, and international perspective. Users can access from anywhere a live radio stream as well as local and national stories heard and seen KPBS Radio and TV. Additional online resources include the TV/Radio schedule and the popular event sections which receive more than half a million pageviews per year. Digital users can also sign up for e-newsletters, make a contribution, or provide feedback on KPBS programs and stories. KPBS’ digital audience continues to grow with a monthly average of more than 600,000 visitors to The station also delivers content via Facebook and Twitter. With more than 39,000 Twitter followers and reaching an average of 57,000 people per month on Facebook, KPBS provides various opportunities to engage in an increasingly mobile world.

In the Community

As an extension to the programs on KPBS TV, radio, and digital platforms, KPBS manages a number of special projects and events that keep us connected, inspired and informed. Community Conversations hosts free, solutions-focused, educational discussions on issues important to our region. One Book, One San Diego brings us closer together through the shared experience of reading and discussing the same book at hundreds of free events. GI Film Festival San Diego presents compelling stories for, by and about military-connected individuals. KPBS Kids engages families with the educational concepts found in our children’s programming.

Newsletters and Alerts

Sign up for our daily newsletters to get the latest news and analysis from KPBS. You can also get sneak peeks at what's coming up on KPBS MIDDAY EDITION, and some of the best content on KPBS Television.

Privacy Policy

KPBS is deeply committed to protecting the privacy of our Internet site visitors and their children. KPBS adheres to a strict policy for preserving the integrity of personally identifiable information (such as full name, address, email address, telephone number and/or other identifiable information). Accordingly, we follow standard industry guidelines and will continue to review and improve our privacy policy and procedures to ensure the safety and protection of visitor information. Read the complete KPBS Privacy Policy.


KPBS is committed to improving the accessibility of this website to better serve users with visual impairment and multiple disabilities. If you experience trouble finding or digesting content and/or have any suggestions, please contact us.

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