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KPBS Roundtable

A lively discussion of the week's top stories. Local journalists join KPBS to provide insight into how these stories affect residents of the San Diego region. New episodes every Friday.

  • A discussion on the resources for domestic violence survivors locally, health care workers consider striking due to low staffing and burnout, and how vaccine mandates are not being enforced equally.
  • KPBS reporter Matt Hoffman hosts a discussion on the deadly small plane crash in Santee and how news organizations handle graphic breaking news situations. Plus, the importance of investigative journalism as two reporters are recognized with the Nobel Peace Prize. And an introduction to the new KPBS border reporter.
  • A large oil spill off the coast of Huntington Beach is already proving damaging to sensitive ecosystems, entertainment production workers say they're ready to strike, and a roundup of local Halloween events and attractions returning after COVID-19 forced cancellations last year.
  • KPBS race and equity reporter Cristina Kim hosts a discussion on a newly signed law aimed at improving conditions for warehouse workers for Amazon and others.
  • KPBS race and equity reporter Cristina Kim hosts our discussion on the situation involving Haitian asylum seekers in Texas and what it says about United States policy and actions toward vulnerable groups fleeing their home countries.
  • California experiences its hottest summer on record as supersized wildfires burn millions of acres, and local Hispanic journalists mentor the next generation of reporters.
  • KPBS race and equity reporter Cristina Kim hosts a special look at how the September 11th attacks were covered in San Diego and how the affects linger in our community 20 years later.
  • KPBS race and equity reporter Cristina Kim hosts a special episode of Roundtable dedicated to the 2021 recall election for California's governor.
  • Local K-12 schools and colleges begin the academic year with a return to campus amid the COVID-19 pandemic, prep sports including high school football begin play after having their seasons canceled last year, and a look at some of the seemingly solvable issues that have gone addressed in San Diego for decades.
  • Also, boosters are coming and a look back at a police killing 6 years on