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San Diego news; when you want it, where you want it. Get local stories on politics, education, health, environment, the border and more. New episodes are ready weekday mornings. Hosted by Debbie Cruz and produced by KPBS, San Diego and the Imperial County's NPR and PBS station.

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  • San Diego County Sheriff Kelly Martinez announced that all personnel assigned to county detention facilities, including contractors, will be screened for narcotics and contraband. For the past two years, the Sheriff’s Department has rejected recommendations from the Citizens Law Enforcement Review Board to screen employees for drugs. Plus, the extreme heat gripping most of the county is coming to an end. But California’s grid operator is asking residents to prepare for Flex Alerts if hot weather continues. And UC San Diego researchers published a new study on comb jellies — invertebrates living miles under the ocean.
  • Most migrants who cross the border to San Diego don’t stay here. But homeless outreach workers are seeing more and more migrants among our homeless population. Then, the Salvation Army in Serra Mesa is helping older San Diegans with free AC and tips on staying safe during heat waves. Plus, a new law requires California high schools to teach students about the dangers of fentanyl.
  • San Diego is approaching its self-imposed deadline for ending all traffic deaths — a movement called 'Vision Zero.' But those touched by tragedy say when it comes to traffic safety, the city is asleep at the wheel. Then, a poll has found that the majority of officeholders in San Diego, Riverside and Imperial counties have experienced threats. Plus, Oceanside joins San Diego in banning Styrofoam.
  • San Diego Police Chief Scott Wahl said more surveillance cameras and license plate readers are needed in Hillcrest ahead of Pride festivities. Privacy advocates said the department is bypassing a city process to get community input. Then, a young mountain lion was released after receiving care at the Ramona Wildlife Center. And, the San Diego County Fair has come to a close, we look at the impact.
  • The city of San Diego’s new plan for environmental justice aims to rebuild the health of communities that suffer from high levels of pollution. Then, as interest in microdosing psychedelics for mental health is growing, so are concerns over potential risks. Plus, Palomar Health has released more information on a data breach that happened sometime between the end of April and the beginning of May.
  • Wildfires are one of the biggest dangers San Diego County faces when it comes to climate change. In other news, Oceanside Harbor now has its first fishermen's market, selling local fish caught by local fishermen. Plus, the 2024 Olympics start in just a few weeks, and the U.S. men's rugby team is getting ready in Chula Vista.
  • Migrants desperate to seek asylum in the U.S. are increasingly scaling the border wall due to limited access through ports of entry, and the life-threatening injuries sustained by some migrants are prompting advocates to declare it a public health crisis. In other news, Chula Vista voters will decide whether to renew a major tax that provides funding to repair basic city services this fall. Plus, the U.S. Olympics skateboarding team was announced this week at a training facility in Vista, and the San Diego region is well represented.
  • A plan to buy a ranch in Vista and build a treatment center for adults with mental illness and substance abuse disorders has sparked controversy in the community. In other news, name calling, mockery and outbursts are now routine at the San Diego County Board of Supervisors’ meetings. In the second of a three-parter on incivility, analysts believe the insults are damaging “the marketplace of ideas,” and harming democracy. Plus, an iconic live music venue in North County is celebrating its golden jubilee.
  • San Diego leaders are reacting to a Supreme Court ruling that cities can ban camping on public property. In other news, Veterans Affairs and the San Diego Metropolitan Transit System are partnering to help veterans in the homeless community connect with services. Plus, we hear how threats, conspiracy-laced accusations and swearing have become commonplace at the San Diego County Board of Supervisors meetings.
  • The Encinitas City Council weighs options to build affordable housing units in the coastal community. Also, Chula Vista tries to close the gap on wildfire preparedness. And, a preview of the San Diego Black Arts and Culture District Music Festival.
Debbie Cruz is the local anchor for All Things Considered and the host of the San Diego News Now podcast. Debbie has over 20 years of experience in the news industry. She joined KPBS in 2020.
Emilyn Mohebbi produces the San Diego News Now podcast. She started at KPBS in 2020 as the Gloria Penner Fellow. She has her bachelor’s in journalism from SDSU.