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The KPBS Summer Music Series
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A music-discovery podcast from KPBS with in-depth artist interviews and stories behind the songs. The KPBS Summer Music Series features encore presentations of our best in-studio performances and interviews, celebrating San Diego's diverse music scene and beyond. The podcast is hosted and produced by Kurt Kohnen, Maureen Cavanaugh, and Jade Hindmon. Megan Burke is Senior Producer.

  • In hard times, music can soothe our worried minds, and there's nothing quite like gospel music to uplift the spirit. Ken Anderson, founder and director of San Diego’s own Martin Luther King Jr. Community Choir, talks about spreading the gospel around the world & funding scholarships for students. And Voices of Our City Choir is made up of homeless musicians and singers. Executive Director Steph Johnson talks about competing on "America’s Got Talent," and the transformative music the choir makes.Credits: Produced and hosted by Kurt Kohnen, Jade Hindmon, and Maureen Cavanaugh. Megan Burke is senior producer.
  • JJ Cale, who died in 2013, wrote hit songs for Eric Clapton, Lynyrd Skynyrd, and Tom Petty. In a 2009 interview Cale discusses his passion for music, not the spotlight. Plus songwriter Al Howard and his mother discuss their ambitious 100 song project that includes a painting for each song.
  • Music pioneer and jazz legend Herbie Hancock shares his musical influences, gives a history lesson on auto-tune, and reflects on the first time he saw Aretha Franklin perform. And Bill Caballero joins us to talk about his long-running Latin Jazz Jam in Barrio Logan, the importance of providing an inclusive space, and what he calls ‘Homie Jazz’. Credits: Produced and hosted by Kurt Kohnen, Jade Hindmon, and Maureen Cavanaugh. Megan Burke is senior producer.
  • DJ Artistic, a pillar of the San Diego hip-hop scene, shares his musical journey and how giving back builds community. Rapper Indian K’s album ‘Duality 2’ is about life on and off of the reservation and overcoming hardships.
  • The frenetic energy of free jazz influenced two completely different musical genres. Rock 'n' roll legend Wayne Kramer talks about the legacy of MC5 and his memoir "The Hard Stuff." And electronic duo Skrapez bring life to machine-music by destroying sound to create a wildly unique musical energy.