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Community Conversations are solutions-focused, educational discussions on issues important to our region Public, quarterly conversations convene a panel of notable experts to discuss critical and current topics. The program strives to bring together people of all backgrounds to share their thoughts and solutions, in person and through civil dialogue. The program is a collaboration between KPBS and the National Conflict Resolution Center.

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Coronavirus Impacts On Vulnerable Students

Education and COVID-19 In The News

San Diego Leaders, Education Officials Issue 'SOS' For Financial Relief For Schools

Leaders of San Diego Unified School District joined some of the region’s congressional delegation Thursday to urge federal approval of the HEROES Act. The stimulus package includes needed funding for schools.

San Diego Schools Able To Reopen For In-Person Teaching; County Issues Additional Health Orders

Tuesday marks two weeks since San Diego County was removed from the state's COVID-19 watch list and nearly three weeks that the county's case rate has remained under 100 cases per 100,000 people.

South Bay Teachers Try To Bridge The Digital Divide For English-Language Learners

One-fifth of San Diego students returning to virtual school this month are English Language Learners. And that makes distanced-learning all the more difficult.

San Diego County Schools Preparing To Welcome Kids Back To Classrooms

Parents, teachers and students are getting ready to resume in person classes as early as September 1 in San Diego county.

San Diego Unified Students Start Year Facing Both Academic And Social Challenges

With Monday marking the all-virtual start to the school year in the county’s largest district, students grappled with unfamiliar class schedules and wondered how they would meet new friends.

San Diego Unified Announces In-Person Sessions For Students With Learning Loss

While the district is preparing to open its 2020-21 school year Monday for remote, online learning for all students, some children who have faced learning challenges due to the COVID-19 pandemic may be offered appointments to take part in the in-person sessions, which could begin as soon as late September, according to the district.

For Kindergarteners, First Day Of School Won't Be What They (Or Their Parents) Dreamed About

Parents and teachers are staring down the challenge of introducing kids to school for the very first time without actually having them in a physical classroom. Some will have it a lot easier than others.

Schools Remain Cautious Even As San Diego Moves Off State’s COVID-19 Monitoring List

Even elementary schools receiving waivers to reopen campuses will continue offering online-only options.

How San Diego School Districts Are Dealing With Discipline In The Age Of COVID-19

The classrooms are virtual but some students are still misbehaving. This adds another layer of complexity to the challenges facing teachers and administrators amid the pandemic.