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UCSD Economist Explains Why Lindbergh Field is the Best Option for San Diego

In November 2006, San Diego County voters soundly rejected a proposal to consider Marine Corps Air Station Miramar as an alternative airport site to Lindbergh Field. Now what? UCSD economist Richard C

UCSD Economist Explains Why Lindbergh Field is the Best Option for San Diego

Tom Fudge: Last November, San Diego County residents voted against a plan by the regional Airport Authority to move the airport to Miramar. The margin of the vote was not close. More than 60 percent voted against the proposal. Most people would admit that the resounding “no” vote settled the question of whether Miramar was a goal to pursue.

It did raise the question, however, of what we do now. The logical answer to that question is Lindbergh Field, our region's existing primary airport. The airport authority had issued studies saying that Lindbergh would not be able to handle future air traffic. They said that relying on Lindbergh would cost San Diego billions of dollars in lost commerce.


But not everybody accepted those conclusions. One of the persons most skeptical of the Airport Authority's denouncement of Lindbergh was Richard Carson.

Richard Carson will discuss options for the future of the region's air transportation when he addresses the UCSD Social Science Supper Club Wed., Oct. 10 at 5:30 p.m. at the Faculty Club on the UCSD campus. For reservations and additional information, contact Chris Hillis at (858) 822-6694 or


  • Richard Carson , professor of, and former chair of, the department of economics at UCSD.
  • Peter Drinkwater, director for San Diego County airports.