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Roundtable: Redevelopment Ruling Plus Wrap-ups on Education, Public Safety, Media

This week's ruling on redevelopment agencies, plus the top stories of the year in education, public safety and media.
Guests: Andrew Donohue, editor, voiceofsandiego.orgJ.W. August, managing editor, 10NewsMark Sauer, Senior Editor, KPBS News

The California Supreme Court has ruled that the state has the authority to eliminate community redevelopment agencies. We examine the ramifications for redevelopment projects and for schools.

2011 was a year in which the word "insolvency" was associated with the County's largest school district, San Diego Unified. We look at the budget predicament the district and others find themselves in.

Public safety in San Diego County took a hit with the trial and conviction of an SDPD officer for eight felonies and pending criminal charges against five others. In addition, the state released 2,000 state prisoners into the custody of the San Diego County Sheriff's Department because of overcrowding.

And the local media landscape has undergone a big change with the sale of the San Diego Union Tribune to developer Doug Manchester.