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LATEST UPDATES: Tracking COVID-19 (coronavirus)

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KPBS Midday Edition is a daily talk show hosted by Maureen Cavanaugh and Jade Hindmon, keeping San Diegans in the know on everything from politics to the arts.

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Churches Reopening With Limits, Virus Concerns Extending Asylum Moratorium At Border Indefinitely, SDPD Continues To Ticket Homeless And Vote-By-Mail Challenge

Over the holiday weekend, California issued guidelines allowing churches to reopen, with limitations, even as the federal court upheld the state’s rights to ban such gatherings during a pandemic. Plus, the Trump administration is citing the pandemic as the reason to halt asylum at the border. Also, San Diego police are continuing to issue tickets to people sleeping on the ... Read more →

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Holiday Weekend Marks Return Of Dining-In, San Diego Rape Kits Finally Getting Tested And Remembering Female Fallen Soldiers On Memorial Day

Restaurants across San Diego are reopening to dine-in customers. But their experience will be much different than before: facemasks, room dividers, and sanitizers. San Diego has the most untested rape kits of any other law enforcement agency in California. Midday Edition talks to the investigative reporter who has been following the story. And, how we celebrate soldiers on Memorial Day, ... Read more →

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Worker Safety Concerns As Businesses Reopen, Spotting Child Exploitation Virtually, Imperial County Hospitals Again Accepting COVID-19 Patients And Weekend Preview

As businesses slowly start to reopen, workers are worried about their safety, especially Latinos, who are disportionately front-line workers. Plus, so many aspects of life moving online, some tips for parents and teachers for spotting and stopping child abuse and exploitation virtually. Also, after not accepting new COVID-19 patients because of a one-day surge, Imperial County hospitals are again taking ... Read more →

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Dine-In Restaurants To Reopen Soon, Asian American Mental Health, Human Relations Commission Revived Amid Rise In Hate Crimes, And Latinx Voting Issues Changing

San Diego County is awaiting a response from the Governor on whether gyms, hair salons and similar businesses can reopen. Plus, Asian Pacific Islanders are facing an increase in harassment since the coronavirus pandemic started. Tomorrow, Jewish Family Services will be hosting a free virtual conversation on how it is affecting mental health. Also, the county is reviving the Human ... Read more →

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San Diego Seeking Faster Reopening, Restaurants Prepping For Dine-In Customers, Coronavirus Deepens Political Divide, And COVID-19 Poetry Challenge

San Diego County is asking the governor to approve its plan for an accelerated reopening of the region. We look at the economic impact of reopening. Plus, restaurants are taking additional health and safety measures in preparation for dine-in customers. Also, the rift between political ideology widens during the pandemic. Democrats generally want government leadership while Republicans want the government ... Read more →

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Underlying Health Conditions And Coronavirus, Education Cuts Loom, Senior Isolation Worsens Under Quarantine And Staying Creative In Tough Times

Most of the coronavirus related deaths in San Diego County involved patients with underlying health conditions, leading one county supervisor to question whether people who have chronic illnesses and succumb to COVID-19, should be counted as COVID-19 victims. UC San Diego Health’s Dr. Francesca Torriani explains. Plus, Gov. Gavin Newsom says schools could face $19 billion in education cuts over ... Read more →

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Study: COVID-19 Patients May Have ‘Robust’ Immunity, Rare Child Illness Linked To Coronavirus, Remembering Iconic San Diego Artist Bob Matheny

A new study by the La Jolla Institute for Immunology suggests that patients who recovered from coronavirus may have a “robust” immunity against the virus. Plus, a new Kawasaki-like illness in children linked to the coronavirus has San Diego doctors re-evaluating recent cases of Kawasaki disease. Also, we look back at the life of local arts legend Bob Matheny. He ... Read more →

Patients Who Have Recovered From COVID-19 Likely To Have Some Immunity To Reinfection

A study from researchers at the La Jolla Institute for Immunology offers the first detailed look at the immune response of patients who contracted and recovered from SARS-CoV-2, which is causing the coronavirus pandemic.

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California Slashes Budget Because Of Pandemic, Miscommunications Lead To Confusion For Day Care Providers And County Vows To Fight Plans To Reopen Casinos

Gov. Gavin Newsom said the state will have to slash its budget by $6.1 billion because of revenue shortfall from the COVID-19 pandemic. Plus, day care centers can now accept children whose parents are nonessential workers. But because of miscommunications by county officials, providers are just now getting the message. And, some area casinos say they're ready to resume business ... Read more →

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Restaurants Prepping For New Post-Virus Requirements, Will Cruise Industry Survive Pandemic, Unintended Consequences Of Larger Unemployment Checks And Updating Climate Action Plan

As California slowly reopens, restaurants are given guidelines to follow for when they are allowed to reopen. Plus, the cruise industry came to a screeching halt after outbreaks on several cruise ships. Will the industry bounce back? Also, some workers are making more on unemployment than when they were working. For them, reopening the economy is a mixed blessing. And, ... Read more →