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KPBS Midday Edition is a daily talk show hosted by Maureen Cavanaugh and Jade Hindmon, keeping San Diegans in the know on everything from politics to the arts.

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Deadly Force, De-Escalation Training, Weekend Events

California civil rights and law enforcement groups reached an agreement on police use of deadly force: the state Assembly will vote on AB-392 next week. Also, San Diego DA Summer Stephan on a 'sea change' in the county criminal justice system's approach to helping people with mental illness and San Diego’s top weekend events.

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SEAL Trial Delayed, Feds OK Nuclear Fuel Transfer, Regulating Marijuana Ads

The trial for a Navy SEAL accused of war crimes has been delayed as the defense seeks information about email snooping. Also, the federal government says the transfer of nuclear waste at San Onofre can continue and a UC San Diego scientist is pushing for regulations on marijuana advertising.

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How Prepared Is California For The Booming Senior Population?

Seniors are the fastest growing population group in California. The state faces numerous challenges in helping seniors deal with issues from financial stress to access to healthcare and housing.

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A Possible Pardon For Accused Navy SEAL, California's Senior Population, Decolonizing The Museum Of Man

How will pardoning servicemen accused of war crimes impact the U.S. military? Also, elder care homes rake in profits as workers earn a pittance, California’s aging population is growing quickly and what does it mean when the San Diego Museum of Man says it is “decolonizing” its collection of human remains?

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Migrants Flown To San Diego, Future Of Horton Plaza, Saving The Northern Rhino

The U.S. Border Patrol announced Friday that it would being flying hundreds of migrant families from south Texas to San Diego for processing. Also, the city council will vote on a plan to turn Horton Plaza into a tech hub, San Diego researchers are working to save the northern white rhino from extinction, is the U.S. headed for a second civil war, and getting up close with a melting Antarctic glacier to understand the implications for sea level rise.

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California Housing, Space Force, Weekend Events

A bill to increase housing density in California was stalled by the state Senate Appropriations Committee. Also, while Trump pushes Congress to create a new military branch called the Space Force, the Pentagon is currently trying to choose a permanent home for its existing Space Command, and a San Diego’s top weekend events are full of candy and dandies

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Homeless Health Program, Climate Change, Sempra Banks On Fossil Fuels

Father Joe’s Villages has launched a health program for San Diego’s homeless. Also, the founder of on the significance of record atmospheric carbon levels, meanwhile Sempra energy is banking on fossil fuels. And, after the Poway synagogue shooting, how can law enforcement monitor violent extremists online? The San Diego Women’s Chorus debuts “Quiet No More.”

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Rain Expected, Clergy Abuse, UCSD HIV Data Breach

Rain is expected in San Diego County Thursday as an atmospheric river approaches. The San Diego Catholic Diocese has created a clergy abuse compensation program for victims and UC San Diego has not told women with HIV about a breach of their confidential information despite researchers' pleas.

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City Considers New Ban On Sleeping In Vehicles, Police Use Of Force, Growing Senior Population

The San Diego City Council is considering an ordinance that would ban people living or sleeping in their vehicles. Also, the State of Washington will launch a universally available health care option, what impact would AB-392 have on police use of force, loneliness and high rent prompt California seniors to look for roommates and how San Diego can help support its growing senior population.

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Waiting For Asylum, Pesticide Ban, “The Central Park Five” Opera

A new report describes what that wait is like for the 13,000 migrants stuck at various ports of entry along the border. Also, California will ban a common pesticide because of the effects on children, San Diego cannabis growers grapple with a changing market, an interview with the director of the new film, “Tolkien,” and a UC San Diego composer introduces “The Central Park Five” opera.