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LATEST UPDATES: Tracking COVID-19 | Transfer Of Power | Racial Justice

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KPBS Midday Edition is a daily talk show hosted by Maureen Cavanaugh and Jade Hindmon, keeping San Diegans in the know on everything from politics to the arts.

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California Allowing Seniors 65 And Older To Get COVID-19 Vaccine

California officials expanding COVID-19 vaccines to those 65 and up because they are at the greatest risk of being hospitalized and dying. Plus, Republican Rep. Darrell Issa was the sole member of the San Diego congressional delegation to vote "no" on impeaching President Trump. And drivers thought they were getting a raise after a hectic year, but instead were told ... Read more →

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'Vaccination Super Station' Opens Near Petco Park

UC San Diego Health, San Diego County and the Padres are teaming up to vaccinate at least 5,000 healthcare workers per day against the novel coronavirus. Plus, COVID-19 cases are rising among the essential workers San Diego depends on to stock its food and medicine. And during his first month in office, Mayor Todd Gloria has taken stances on key ... Read more →

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Impeachment Resolution Cites Trump’s ‘Incitement’ Of Capitol Insurrection

House democrats have introduced a single article of impeachment against President Trump, charging him with “incitement of insurrection.” Plus, University of San Diego History Lecturer David Miller discusses the historical differences in the policing of Black demonstrators and violent white mobs. And newly elected Chairman Nathan Fletcher says the County Board of Supervisors will vote on policies focusing on financial ... Read more →

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San Diego Community Activist Tasha Williamson Shares Experience With COVID-19

Community activist and former mayoral candidate Tasha Williamson talks about her recovery experience and how doctors were able to treat her case of COVID-19. Plus, Cap Radio spoke with former executive director of the California Republican Party, Cynthia Bryant, about her reaction to the deadly protest at the Capitol. And this weekend in San Diego arts includes: new work by ... Read more →

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Chaos In The Capitol And Its Aftermath

After a mob of Trump loyalists attacked the U.S. Capitol building, the city of Washington D.C. is declaring a state of emergency for the next two weeks. There are now calls for investigations into police conduct during the riot and how it was allowed to go as far as it did. Plus, reactions from local Congressional representatives who were there ... Read more →

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San Diego County Opening Regional COVID-19 ‘Vaccination Pods’

A San Diego physician who is a member of state and county vaccine advisory groups said local public health officials will be opening regional vaccination sites to quicken the pace of vaccinations. Plus, the American Legion removed its Escondido post commander from national leadership positions because of his affiliation with the Proud Boys hate group. And a former La Mesa ... Read more →

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Who Is A Priority For Getting The COVID-19 Vaccine?

We know that healthcare workers and residents of long-term care facilities are first in line to receive the Coronavirus vaccine. But who's next? Plus, the COVID-19 economic hit has been personal for thousands of San Diegans for months. And months of physical distancing and pandemic anxiety has been especially tough on veterans who were already dealing with post-traumatic stress disorder ... Read more →

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More Contagious Variant Of COVID-19 Is In San Diego

San Diego County public health officials confirmed one individual infected with a new, more contagious variant of the virus first discovered in the United Kingdom. Plus, Gov. Gavin Newsom offers plans to reopen in-person schools. And kindergarten remote learning shows the equity divide between families. Then, the Metropolitan Transit System got a new CEO, Sharon Cooney, after the sudden death ... Read more →

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Why You Should Stay Home On New Year’s Eve

Epidemiologist Dr. Rebecca Fielding-Miller joined Midday Edition Wednesday to discuss the risks of attending in-person New Year's celebrations. Plus, Dr. Shirley Weber talks about her nomination as California Secretary of State and hopes for her successor. And even when its budgets are cut, SDPD has a track record of overspending. Then, San Diego Unified School District's Police Department is more ... Read more →

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Southern California Stay At Home Order Extended As COVID-19 Floods Hospitals

As expected, a regional stay-at-home order in effect across Southern California due to surging COVID-19 hospitalizations was formally extended Tuesday. Plus, the story of a transgender woman who left her native Guatemala for California and risked everything to seek asylum in the U.S. Then, the U.S. Immigration system has big problems, and there is no aspect as problematic as the ... Read more →