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KPBS Midday Edition

KPBS Midday Edition is a daily talk show hosted by Maureen Cavanaugh and Jade Hindmon, keeping San Diegans in the know on everything from politics to the arts.

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8Chan Subpoena, ‘To Protect And Slur’, Golden State Killer Podcast

A federal search warrant revealed that the gunman in the Poway synagogue shooting had developed a hatred of Judaism 18 months before the fatal attack. Also, a new report connects hundreds of law enforcement officers to online hate groups, a $44 million rapid transit route from San Diego State University to downtown is slower than the route it replaced, City Heights leaders have been fighting for five years to have a mural painted in Teralta Park and a new podcast from the Los Angeles Times tells the untold story of the Golden State Killer case.

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Navy SEAL Trial Starts, Susan Davis' Green Deal, Antarctica's Ice Melt Affecting Local Sea Levels

The trial of a decorated Navy SEAL charged with killing an Islamic State prisoner in his care began Monday following months of turmoil in one of the Navy's most prominent war crimes cases. Rep. Susan Davis announced Saturday her plans to sign on to the “Green New Deal.” Scripps researchers are examining the changing ice sheets on Greenland and Antarctica and considering the implications for Southern California.

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California Budget, Fringe Festival, Top Weekend Events

State lawmakers passed a $214.8B budget Thursday, what’s included? Also, a look at San Diego’s top weekend events.

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Hunter’s Wife Pleads Guilty, Vehicle Emissions Standards, Border Troops

Congressman Duncan Hunter’s wife Margaret pleaded guilty to charges of misusing campaign funds for personal use. Also, President Trump plans to roll back vehicle emissions standards and a San Diego Congressman has another idea, U.S. troops are keeping a low profile along the U.S.-Mexico border and a new novel for middle schoolers tackles the issues of body image and self-acceptance.

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Affordable Housing, ‘Bridge Shelters,’ North County YIMBY

San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer is proposing incentives to get developers to build more affordable housing. Also, California OK’s health care for some adult immigrants, San Diego’s “bridge shelters” will remain open through June 2020, the county’s budget proposes new spending on mental illness and homelessness, and California's YIMBY movement is coming to North County.

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Prop B, State Redistricting, Harriet Tubman

The San Diego city Council has sided with a coalition of labor unions to strike Proposition B from the city charter. Also, the California auditor is looking for people to help redraw state voting maps, while San Diego is trying to reduce its reliance on water from the Colorado River, states like Colorado are looking to tap every available drop, a local author tells the story of Harriet Tubman in a new novel and a career in movies matched an Oceanside retiree up with John Wayne and Elvis.

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SDG&E Wildfires, Mexico Avoids Tariffs, Legendary Running Coach

SDG&E says there is a 100% chance it will start or contribute to a major wildfire in the future. Also, Trump defends his deal with Mexico to avoid tariffs, how drinking water helped identify the remains of a missing Vietnam War soldier, the monarch butterfly may have fallen to below a critical level, a new book profiles Hall of Fame running coach Bob Larsen who got his start in San Diego and the San Diego Fringe Festival presents a unique show from Iceland called “A Box in the Desert.”

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High-Usage Utility Charge, Mexico Tariffs, Top Weekend Events

The California Public Utilities Commission rejected a proposal from San Diego Gas & Electric to have its high usage charge removed from its rate structure. Also, exporters in Mexico are holding their breath in anticipation of new U.S. tariffs, and this weekend’s top events feature J-Lo and an avocado festival.

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Services Cut For Migrant Kids Tracking Pollution With Artificial Intelligence, D-Day 75 Years Later

Immigrant children in the care of the U.S. government may no longer have access to English-language courses and legal services. Also, a Bay Area tech nonprofit says it plans to use artificial intelligence to track power plant pollution, D-Day veterans in their 90s parachuted into Normandy 75 years later to mark the invasion anniversary, a new VA program helps vets seek care from outside doctors, journalist Scott Pelley discusses his book, “Truth Worth Telling” and San Diego is now home to a Michelin-starred restaurant.

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Gun Storage, ‘YIGBY,’ Kamala Harris’ Record

A San Diego city Council committee approved a proposal requiring residents to securely store their guns. Also, “Yes In God’s Backyard” proponents want to put affordable housing on religious land, a San Quentin cooking class serves up the chance for a better future after release, questions raised about Sen. Kamala Harris’ criminal justice record and crime writer James Ellroy on his new book, “This Storm.”