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Amita Sharma

Investigative Reporter

Photo of Amita Sharma

Amita Sharma has worked at KPBS since 2000 and has covered a wide range of stories for TV and radio. She is part of the KPBS Investigative Reporting unit and occasionally hosts KPBS Evening Edition.

Among the reports Amita has produced are a three-part series on child sex trafficking in San Diego, a two-part series on how the state is using survivors' benefits for foster children to pay for their upkeep, and a four-part series on the Port of San Diego's finances. Other investigations include the San Diego angle to the U.S. attorney firings, private security firm Blackwater’s controversial training camp proposal, and the Sunroad development controversy. Amita has also interviewed a number of local and national newsmakers including former Democratic presidential candidate Howard Dean, Wisconsin Congressman James Sensenbrenner, and fired U.S. Attorney David Iglesias. In 2005 she landed an exclusive interview with three federal prosecutors who worked on the bribery investigation resulting in the guilty plea of former San Diego Congressman Randy “Duke” Cunningham. She also covered the murder trial of David Westerfield, the 2001 shooting at Santana High School, and how three of the 9/11 hijackers spent their time in San Diego.

Amita has also worked as a newspaper reporter. She has degrees in journalism and international relations from the University of Southern California.

Recent Stories by Amita Sharma

Juan Hernandez is trying to make a living in th...

Gig Worker Barely Scraping By In Imperial Valley

Sept. 9
By Amita Sharma

Amid high unemployment and hot weather, local workers are trying to patch together a living in the “gig” economy.

Juan Hernandez is trying to make a living in th...

KPBS Wants Your Help In Understanding The Gig Economy

Aug. 27
By Amita Sharma

The gig economy is transforming the workplace and fueling a debate about what kind of wages and benefits gig workers should get. We want to know your thoughts on the topic.

Kaye, who asked that we not use her last name, ...

Santa Monica To Ramp Up Rental Subsidies For Seniors

Aug. 23
By Amita Sharma

Over the last year, the city has experimented with sending rental checks to nearly two dozen seniors on the brink of homelessness. Now it plans to significantly expand the program.

Rancho La Puerta owner Deborah Szekely, 97, at ...

Health Spa Pioneer Recalls Her Early Years

Aug. 1
By Amita Sharma

Nearly 80 years ago, as World War II raged, immigration rules and a keen interest in health motivated Deborah and Edmond Szekely to get into the wellness business.

San Diego ads play up the region’s natural beauty.

San Diego Still Captivates Health Seekers

July 31
By Amita Sharma

For thousands of years, the San Diego region’s near constant sunshine, lush valleys and stunning coast have drawn people searching for wellness. In the final installment of a three-part series, a spa owner and San Diego boosters explain why the area’s allure remains.

Tuberculosis patients convalesce at Vauclain Tu...

How The 'Invalid Trade' Helped Build San Diego

July 30
By Amita Sharma

In the late 19th century, San Diego pitched itself to the rest of the country as a place to get well.

The Cupa Indians stop for a rest during their t...

San Diego’s Reputation As A Place To Get Well May Have Started With The Cupa Indians

July 29
By Amita Sharma

San Diego has a long reputation as a place to heal.

Tease photo for Business Report: Is Free College And ...

Business Report: Is Free College And Student Loan Forgiveness Possible?

June 28
By Amita Sharma

This week in business: Democratic presidential candidates talk free college and student loan forgiveness, Trump orders transparency for healthcare costs, and San Diego grocery workers vote to authorize a strike.

Seniors at Seacrest Village Retirement Communit...

Experts Cheer Newsom's Order To Create Aging Plan, Some Push For Interim Fixes

June 18
By Amita Sharma

Advocates say immediate attention needed on boosting funding for healthcare and long-term care costs for the elderly.

Roommates Eleanor Stone and Rose McGehee chat a...

Loneliness And High Rent Prompt California Seniors To Look For Roommates

May 13
By Amita Sharma

A growing number of California seniors are moving in together to deal with the state’s affordability crisis and the solitude that comes with the death of a spouse.

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