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Amita Sharma

Investigative Reporter

Amita Sharma has worked at KPBS since 2000 and has covered a wide range of stories for TV and radio. She is part of the KPBS Investigative Reporting unit and occasionally hosts KPBS Evening Edition. She has covered the devastating toll of Covid-19 on San Diego nursing homes as well as some of the pre-existing conditions within facilities that contributed to the crisis. In 2018 and 2019, Sharma was assigned to public broadcasting’s California Dream Project and reported on California’s inequality crisis exemplified by stagnant wages, housing affordability, a dwindling middle class, senior poverty, and dropping birth rates. She also moderated a statewide town hall meeting on the economic challenges of aging in California.

Before working on the California Dream Project, Sharma’s investigative reporting helped uncover corruption, including questionable activities by private businesses, state regulators, and elected leaders.

Sharma previously served as a legal affairs reporter and anchor/host of KPBS news programs.

Amita Sharma earned dual bachelor’s degrees in journalism and international relations from the University of Southern California.

What issues need to be exposed in your community? Who should be called to account? When and how will long-festering problems be solved?