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Peacekeeping Delegate Recounts Recent Visit to Israel, Palestine

What can we learn from the Israeli-Palestinian conflict that can be applied to the issues that affect the San Diego border region? What are the root causes of the conflict? And, what kind of job is

Peacekeeping Delegate Recounts Recent Visit to Israel, Palestine

Audio posted this afternoon.


Tom Fudge: For people who hope for peace in the Middle East, the land to the west of Jordon River is a place where they hope a Palestinian state may become a reality, but progress toward peace and a two-state solution seems to become further away as time goes by.

The Palestinians have elected a Hamas government, which is openly hostile toward Israel. Meanwhile, Israel keeps trying to capture as much of the West Bank as they can.

For those who follow the news from a distance, it's hard to know what's really going on. In fact, we may get weary of hearing the news that no progress is being accomplished.


  • Sam Nichols , is a member of Christian Peacemaker Teams and a graduate of Point Loma Nazarene University. Sam joins us in studio to talk about his participation in a peacemaking delegation that recently travelled to the Palestinian West Bank.